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The early parts of your marriage will always hold a special place in anyone’s heart. So many great things happen in the first year of a relationship—the first date, the first kiss, and the first “I love you.” Meanwhile, the first year of marriage is where you traditionally take more big steps: living with each other as a married couple, sharing your finances, and planning for your future lives together. Celebrate a successful first year of marriage with a personalised first anniversary gift from I Just Love It. Our range of 1st anniversary gifts for her is guaranteed to have something your special lady will adore. It doesn't have to be difficult to find wonderful 1 year anniversary gifts, you just have to look!

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Showing your significant other how much you care is vital to a good marriage. When it comes to romantic relationships, there’s no more perfect way to show you care than with jewellery. IJLI has a large selection of jewellery that makes the perfect 1st wedding anniversary gift. From personalised pearl bracelets to leather bracelets with engraved clasps, we have something for everyone.

When you have something you want to say to your significant other, sometimes it’s easier to write it down. Why not add a little flair to your message with our personalised message in a bottle? You can write a message of up to 1000 characters—perfect for a short but sweet declaration of your love. Our message in a bottle allows you to add the message of your choice to the cream coloured parchment within. We’ll add some sand, seashells and a cork to finish off the look of an authentic glass bottle washed ashore. Stand it next to your radio and every time you listen to your favourite tracks together, you’ll have a Desert Island Discs moment. Even better — traditionally, paper is what you give for your first anniversary, so an antique-looking scroll of paper with your own words on it is ideal.

Now that you’re living together, beautiful pieces for the home make great 1st wedding anniversary gifts. A beautiful set of engraved wine glasses commemorates your time together and serves as a reminder of your love each time they’re used. We also have photo frames that are perfect for pictures of the two of you, as well as trinket boxes, keepsake boxes, and so much more.

At I Just Love It, we don’t believe in giving people ordinary, generic gifts—especially not for something as important as a first wedding anniversary. That’s why we offer a range of personalised paper anniversary gift ideas for every occasion. An expensive piece of jewellery is nice, but it’s better when you customise it just for that special someone. And trust us, your significant other will think so, too.