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Of all the things we aspire to do in our lives, getting married to somebody we love is near the top of the list. We’re taught the importance of love at a young age, whether we imagine ourselves as the princess or the hero who sweeps her off her feet. But finding somebody whom you can be with for decades is another story entirely. I Just Love It knows that for any couple, their pearl anniversary is important, so we carry a large selection of pearl anniversary gifts that are perfect your special day.

Pearl Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Our gifts can be personalised with the couple's names.

After 30 years of marriage, you know what your significant other likes. The problem is, it gets harder and harder to find a gift you haven’t given before. IJLI carries plenty of unique 30th wedding anniversary gifts, with everything from the practical to the romantic. Our jewellery selection includes leather bracelets, and stunning charm bracelets, all of which can be personalised. For an extra sprinkle of romance, immortalise their love by Naming Two Stars! Or indulge them with a lovely bottle of Personalised Prosecco, to help toast this special milestone occasion.

Since the two of you live together, what could be a better gift than something stylish and useful for the house? For spirit lovers, we have engraved crystal whisky glasses to take your sipping to the next level. Keepsake boxes provide a great place to store photos and other keepsakes, and they look great on a side table.

But the real gift on a pearl wedding anniversary is the couple spending time together. To sit and reminisce, a bottle of red wine with chocolates included is just what you need. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find fabulous and memorable 30th wedding anniversary gifts. You only need to put a bit of effort and thought into it.

Give yourself (or your lovely couple) a round of applause — two people have made it to 30 years together! For an occasion so special, IJLI allows you to personalise many of our pearl wedding anniversary gifts. You can place custom labels on wine, add photos to keepsake boxes, and names and messages on just about everything else. Let the couple, or your significant other know how much you care with a beautiful personalised gift from I Just Love It.