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A lot of marriages — and relationships, for that matter — go south after a decade or two. It’s understandable; we all face life’s ups and downs and we can’t control our changing feelings. That’s what makes 40th wedding anniversaries so special. A moment like this should be crowned with anniversary gifts that will only make the moment grander and more romantic. Two people met, fell in love, married and they’ve managed to make the love grow for four entire decades.

Celebrate your amazing marriage or those of cherished friends and family with I Just Love It’s wide range of ruby wedding anniversary gifts. We’ve got Original Newspapers from their anniversary date, personalised 40th anniversary frames, in fact we've got so many 40th anniversary gifts in mind, so take a peek below to find the perfect anniversary present for them.

40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Does your better half like to enjoy a drink every now and again? We don’t judge. A fine bottle of wine or spirits is the perfect gift for a ruby wedding anniversary. We have all sorts of spirits, including vodka, whisky and brandy, all of which have personalisable labels. If they fancy wine more than spirits, we have bottles of red wine, white wine, and port. These are particularly good ruby wedding anniversary gift ideas if you just want to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Sometimes nothing says “I love you” better than the perfect piece of jewellery. Whether you’re looking for a stylish engraved pocket watch or a dazzling silver earring and necklace set, I Just Love It has the right gift. Engraved jewellery is a great way for your significant other to keep a piece of you close to their heart at all times.

Forty years is a long time, and you deserve to celebrate. Ruby wedding anniversary gifts are infinitely more important than regular gifts. It’s a once in a lifetime date! We understand that, and that’s why so many of our ruby wedding gifts can be personalised with names, messages and pictures, allowing you to customise the perfect gift for the man or woman of your dreams.