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Not many couples make it to their 50th anniversary, also known as the golden anniversary. It’s a rare occasion that calls for golden wedding gifts as special as the milestone itself. To celebrate this remarkable phenomenon of enduring love, pick a personalised present for the happy couple from our enormous collection of 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

Take them back to where the romance began with this where we first met jigsaw puzzle. Based on a provided postcode, this 400-piece puzzle features the mapped coordinates of the geographical location where it all began. Can you think of more romantic, golden wedding anniversary gifts than this? Even the exact spot they met is touchingly marked with a heart-shaped puzzle piece. Gather the family and get the golden couple to tell the story one more time.

50th Anniversary Gifts for Their Special Occasion

Keep the storytelling going over a glass of bubbly and the news of the day. This beautifully packaged Taittinger Rosé champagne and newspaper gift will take them back to the date you choose (the day they met? their wedding day?) with a bottle of Taittinger’s finest and a genuine full newspaper (with certificate of authenticity) – one of the best 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parents!

With age comes an understanding of preferences. For couples who prefer a stiffer tipple, we offer a personalised malt whiskey and tumblers anniversary gift set or a bottle of classic Speyside malt whiskey with a personalised label and engraved tumblers in a silk-lined box.

Due to a bizarre loophole, real estate on the moon is available as a spectacular 50th wedding anniversary gifts for mum and dad. The acre of moon gift pack includes the Lunar Deed, a Lunar Sight Map, the Lunar Constitution, Bill of Rights and an I Own the Moon coaster. Also included is a document confirming the purchaser’s Mineral Rights to their land and a postage-paid land registration card to register the owner of this extra-terrestrial moon land. The pack is an unusual and very special way to celebrate the golden anniversary milestone.