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If 60 isn’t quite the new 30, it still reads as a more youthful phase of later life than it has at any previous time in human history. So don’t relegate your 60-year-old friend or family member to the seniors’ home just yet. This milestone birthday should celebrate a life well lived, but with lots and lots of fun and adventure still to come. Hit just the right balance with something from our extensive collection of 60th birthday gift ideas.

A beautiful bottle of wine is a great life-affirming 60th birthday gift. Connoisseurs will love this bottle of Vintage Bordeaux Wine & Newspaper packaged with a genuine original and complete newspaper from any date you select. Those who prefer their grapes bubbly will get a kick out of this Personalised Prosecco Bottle with Photo Label featuring the birthday boy or girl’s name and picture. And because you can’t have a 60th birthday celebration without hangover jokes, check out the hilarious personalised adult storybook, The Hangover. “A good hangover should be a total mystery to you” states this guidebook to the morning after the night before. The giftee’s name and a personal message are included to make this a birthday present they won’t soon forget — even if they can’t remember much about the birthday bash itself.

We also love the gentle nostalgia inherent in the gift of music. Everyone has a personal playlist for the big moments in life. This Happy 60th CD Card commemorates the soundtrack of your friend or loved one’s personal history between 1965 and 1995 by featuring hits from iconic artists such as Elvis, Patti Smith, Fleetwood Mac and Sly, and the Family Stone.

Finally, the early 60s are an age when many people retire and ramp up their world travelling after a lifetime of raising family and working hard. This framed Personalised World Traveller Map is highly detailed and comes with 100 pins to customise it according to places visited or wish list trips yet to come. Perfect for the armchair, wannabe or bona fide world traveller.

Turning 60 is a landmark birthday milestone. Say congrats and best wishes for future endeavours with a fun, thoughtful and personalised item from our extensive collection of 60th birthday presents.