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Every month, we have a whole medley of new and exciting gifts – we’d clutter up your inboxes if we were to write about each one individually.

As such, we’ve concocted a new monthly blog which showcases an array of our most recent faves; alternatively, you can check out our ‘What’s New’ section.

Peter Rabbit Collaboration

Rekindle your love for this Beatrix Potter classic, or educate someone new to the world of Peter Rabbit with our Peter Rabbit range. Each product features a classic illustration of the iconic rabbit, and comes in two designs; classic and contemporary. Products include paddle boards, cake stands, cups and saucers, dessert plates and trays.


Fun Things to Do This August Bank Holiday 2015

Phew, it’s not long now until the August bank holiday (one day, to be precise!). While you might feel like monging out in front of the TV with a packet of crisps resting on your stomach for the whole three days, why not make the most of the long weekend?

There’s a whole host of things going on in the capital – from festivals and sports to sightseeing – and you really can’t afford to miss out. To give you some inspiration, we’ve put together the very best events to get up to in London from Saturday 29th August to Monday 31st August 2015, you can thank us later!


Reading and Leeds Festival

The August bank holiday is fast approaching, marking the end of the summer holiday season – and the last official day off work before Christmas. Depressing, right? You best make the most of those few days off then!

Are you taking your wellies to Reading or Leeds festival this August bank holiday? The best pair of festivals, both Reading and Leeds have set a standard for all others on the calendar. Sharing the same brilliant artists over the same weekend, Reading Festival, held at Little John’s Farm on Richfield Avenue, and Leeds Festival, held at Bramham Park near Wetherby, boast all the best top, upcoming rock, indie, metal and alternative music artists. Whichever festival you’re going to, read on for more info about the headline acts, a few fun facts about the artists and more...


15 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day

It looks like rain by Thomas8047. Taken on July 26, 2014

Miserable weather can destroy even the cheeriest moods. If the weather is pants, don’t fret. Cancel that BBQ and postpone any picnic plans. There are plenty of things to do to stop yourself from going mad, whatever the weather...

1. Organise an Indoor Treasure Hunt

If there are littlies in the house, keep them entertained with a treasure hunt. Put together one set of clues for every team member (why not rhyme the clues for fun?), each clue leading to the next one and, ultimately, to the treasure. Put them in envelopes with a clue number written on it (e.g. 4/10, or “four of 10”); this will help the treasure hunters keep track. Whoever cracks the clues first and discovers the treasure – a little toy, maybe a collection of coins (real or chocolate) – is the champ. Or have the whole family play as a team to resolve the clues – and find the treasure – collectively.


Peter Rabbit Range Revealed

Since his first appearance in 1902, Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit is still delighting little ones and inspiring imaginations today; the bunny continues to be one of the UK’s most treasured characters.

We at I Just Love It adore him too, so much so, in fact, that we’re forming a new collaboration with the world’s most famous bunny rabbit…

We’ve introduced a lovely line of Peter Rabbit-themed personalised gifts, all of which feature classic illustrations of the much-loved bunny wabbit from the mind of Beatrix Potter.

Whether it’s a gift for a grown-up who enjoyed the books as a child, or a gift for a little one who’s new to the world of Peter Rabbit, make the story of Beatrix Potter come alive in you little one’s environment with Peter Rabbit-themed gifts.


Your Top 10 Summer Holiday Survival Tips

Preparing to go on that much-needed holiday? Oh, the fun, the food, the sun, the family feuds and blown budgets... bring it on! Before you set off, be sure to have a quick nosey at our essential travel guide checklist...

1. Sort out Travel Insurance

If at all possible, it’s best to get insurance as soon as you book your holiday as it'll cover you if your travel company goes bust before you leave, or you have to call off your trip due to illness. Travel insurance is amazingly inexpensive, particularly when you take into account it covers you for expensive medical treatment overseas and getting you home in an emergency as well as lost or stolen belongings – you can purchase it for as little as £9.99.


Recipe of the Month

Photo 'A golden (medal) breakfast'courtesy of Jamie McCaffrey. Taken on 23rd February, 2014

Each month, we get all the guys ‘n’ gals at I Just Love It Towers to submit a recipe, and then we pick the best one. And this month, our lovely PR Manager, Sophie Collier, picked this rather scrumptious banana egg pancake recipe. Yum!

What’s more, you can make it in a jiffy using just two ingredients – banana and eggs. It’s true, we promise. One banana and two eggs will rustle up a cracking pancake for one person – not to mention one that’s crammed with vitamin B6 which you normally find in fish and meat.


Gifts to Create Your Own Bake Off

Homes across the UK are rejoicing in the fact that the Great British Bake Off is once again gracing our television screens on a Wednesday night. For most viewers, the GBBO encourages baking in their own homes, with many trying to recreate what they have seen on screen.

At I Just Love It, we have a range of stylish, personalised cookware which will assist in the creation of any culinary delights or, hopefully not, disasters.

Personalised Aprons

From £9.99

It’s practically a given that things are bound to get messy, so our range of Personalised Aprons are perfect for keeping any rogue splatters away from your clothing. We have a range of designs and patterns, as well as personalisation options should you wish to highlight that you’re the only chef in the kitchen.


The Most Embarrassing School Moments

Long holidays, friendship bracelets, crimped hair, recess, kiss chase, sports day, fresh new lockers, the smell of school books, passing notes... ah schooldays. They may well be over for most of us and while we might not be able to go back in time or recoup those days, we can still remember them. So, in honour of all the memories of youth, bonds of friendship and the classroom, we unveil some of the most embarrassing moments at school...

  • Accidentally texting your maths teacher, “I love you, babe” instead of your partner
  •

    We’ve Changed Our Name – GONEDIGGING is Now I JUST LOVE IT

    Don’t worry; you haven’t ended up on the wrong site. We’re thrilled to announce that GoneDigging.co.uk (who you know and love) has officially re-launched as I Just Love It.co.uk!

    Same great company, same great people, all new name. And fret not. We still offer the same products you love – plus so much more.

    In the words of Mark Twain, the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. We think the same can be said for a company’s name – getting a name that fits our business and the gifts we bring our customers is important.