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Why Christmas Books Make the Best Gifts for Kids



As every child’s favourite day of the year approaches why not take a look at our fantastic range of personalised children’s books to make this year’s Christmas extra special? As the great fantasy writer Neil Gaiman once said: “Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it's much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!” Take a leaf out of his book and gift someone special to you the magic of words!

In the Book Launch Post

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website In the Book featuring a range of personalised books for children and adults. At In the Book, we’re passionate about educating people about the importance of reading and encouraging children to love reading from as early on in life as possible.

At In the Book, our motto “adventure on every page” reflects our innovative publishing venture into personalised books, where your little one can become a part of the stories they love, fighting villains alongside the heroes they admire.

5 Great Graduation Day Gift Ideas

Looking for graduation gifts? We’ve picked our top 5. They’re unique, inventive and chosen because they’re not what you think. Champagne and jewellery is all well and good, but we’ve put some thought into these graduation gifts. We’ve considered the parent as well as the child, selecting gifts that are meaningful, charming and most of all, useful now that they’ve graduated.



The D.I.Y Hanging Planter Kit (£21.99) 

So, they managed to keep themselves alive at uni? That’s nothing compared to trying to keep a plant alive. Here’s the next step on the road to becoming a fully-fledged adult. They can grow, nurture and attempt to help their very own plant alive. This will ready the graduate to someday entertain the idea of rearing children (maybe a goldfish for starters).

World Book Day: Creating a Personalised Children’s Book

It takes a lot of time and dedication to produce a personalised book. On average, we make 120,000 children’s books a year and 70,00 personalised books for adults. But, there’s a little more to it than that. Before you read on, check out our World Book Day Competition and find out how to win £100 worth of books!

During major occasions like Christmas, Easter and especially World Book Day, we can produce anything from 500 to 4,000 books a month (and that’s not taking into account birthdays, which, are non-stop)! In celebration of World Book Day on March 1st, we thought we would give our I Just Love It customers a sneak peek into our paper world.



Calling all bookworms and literature lovers – World Book Day is just around the corner! World Book Day is in its 21st year. It’s the day we celebrate the authors and the illustrators that captivate us with their endless imagination. Designed by UNESCO, World Book Day happens in more than 100 countries all over the world.


To celebrate World Book Day 2018, I Just Love It want love to work with you. We have a bountiful range of Personalised Children’s Books just waiting to be won. We built the Disney Castle out of books to inspire you to WIN £100 WORTH OF GOODIES and #MakeSomething this World Book Day! See how to enter below.

Relationships According to Ladybird

Remember the twee, wholesome Ladybird books from childhood? They’ve become experts at tackling life. Long-gone are Ladybird’s former days of nuclear families and quintessentially British life.

Thanks to their grownup makeover, Ladybird books are tongue-in-cheek and agonisingly relatable. As Valentine’s Day looms closer, let’s celebrate relationships, from marriage to dating. Enjoy these humorous snippets from some of Ladybird’s bestsellers that poke gentle fun at Love, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


The Wife: A Ladybird Personalised Book

On why women are never wrong

On the pleasures of married life…

Make This Valentine’s Day Personalised


Valentine’s Day just isn’t what it used to be. Truthfully, it’s designed to make couples spend unfathomable amounts of money to prove how much they love each other for just one day of the year. Obviously, we should be showing our love for our partners daily (not because of the mass-consumerist holiday).

Nevertheless, it’s a day dedicated to love. If you feel like taking part in Valentine’s Day this year, do so with thoughtful gestures; the romantic kind, without the hefty price tag. Since love is contagious, I Just Love It feel compelled to give you mini Cupids a few Valentine’s suggestions. Plus, they’re all under £30. Not only are you not breaking the bank, you’ll be browsing gifts that are out of the ordinary, lovingly-cheap, and personalised.

Mother’s Day: Mum’s Lessons that Shaped our Childhood

We’ve all been there. We all know first-hand, eating crusts does NOT make your hair curly. Forcing down carrots won’t give you superpowers to see in the dark. And scientists have proved sitting close to the T.V does NOT make you go blind. 



Have you ever been told, ‘Your face is going to freeze like that.’? Or the infamous, ‘Because I said so. That’s why.’ or, ‘Just wait till your father comes home!’, like dad was the scary one? Everything was unfair as a kid. Older siblings were the practice child who got the brunt of being told off, whilst younger siblings got away with murder (if you were the youngest, feel honoured - your parents finally made the perfect child and stopped at you.). And if you were the middle child, you either floated on by in your mum’s good books or you set the standard for breaking every rule mum put in place.

Living the Dream; Lessons from Hollywood's Sweetheart, Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe screams Old Hollywood. Emanating a radiant presence on and off screen, she is a household name known all over the world. Her demure, flirtatious manner cast a spell upon all who came into contact. Who could blame them?



Strutting her perfectly-winged eye, iconic red lip, platinum curls, and vivacious figure - with a beautiful mind to match, Marilyn was America’s sweetheart. But Marilyn Monroe was clearly one tough chic, with an air of modest humility captured in her wisdom. Here are a few of our favourite lessons from the golden girl herself, why don’t you have a read through and see how many translate to your life?

Mother’s Day Brunch: Chowing Down in Percy & Founders

Spring brings with it two occasions to celebrate; the Easter Bunny and Mothering Sunday. The idea of a ‘mum’ is a highly-underrated concept. Simply read the first page of the Ladybird Mum Book to know being a mum, never ends.

Mums have a knack of knowing everything, she is a human calendar and she even supported your multitude of ‘phases’ which you have to look back on and cringe to this day: the ‘post-adolescent-idealistic phase’, your ‘emotional’ phase, and exhausting, ‘tempestuous teen’ phase.

Mum is a shoulder to cry on, a constant source of nutrition, forbearing shadow of conscience even when you don’t want it. We learn the best of morals from mum. Mothers-to-be and babes who are but a grain of sand in the warmth of mummy’s tummy – you have all this to come. So, we celebrate Mother’s Day to remind ourselves of her unconditional love and stability.