Pamper Your Pets

All pets are special. Whether you own a dog, cat, parrot or turtle, when you look into their eyes, you know they’re a good friend. These cuddly companions provide comfort, company and are always there when we’re feeling a bit blue.

The amount of love they give to us needs to be rewarded, and, as such, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite personalised pet products – they’re guaranteed to make any furry friend feel uber special.

Take a peek below...

Personalised Diamante Pet Collar/ Personalised Studded Pet Collar, £6.99


Win a Valentine’s Bundle Worth £50!

We can’t wait until the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day! We’re really feelin’ the love here at IJLI HQ, so much so, that we’ve decided to run a little competition to mark Valentine’s Day...

We’ll be giving away a Valentine’s Day bundle worth £50 on our social channels (Facebook and Twitter) from 8th February 2016 – 14th February 2016. 

To be in with chance of winning, simply Like (Facebook) or Retweet (Twitter) our competition post, using the hashtag #IJLIValentines, and you’ll be entered into our prize draw. It’s really that simple!


Our Favourite Pancake Toppings

Who isn’t partial to a pancake (or 10)?! We know most of you (like us!) enjoy stacking ‘em up high on Shrove Tuesday. But on what side of the topping table are you? Perhaps you prefer savoury flavours like spinach, bacon ‘n’ mushroom or maybe you’re more of a sweet tooth, opting for fillings like bananas and chocolate or lemon and sugar.

For us, toppings and fillings are what make pancakes especially appetising. A well-made, fluffy pancake is a brilliant blank canvas, whether you’re keeping it simple with lemon syrup, a rasher or two of bacon, the classic ham and cheese, or are after something a bit more ‘out of the ordinary’.


The Ultimate Valentine’s Playlist

Whether you’re getting ready for a romantic, candlelit meal or celebrating solo, we’ve pulled together the ultimate 30-track playlist for your Valentine’s Day.

Not many things in life set an atmosphere quite like a beautiful song, but nothing kills the atmosphere more quickly than uncomfortable silences spent trawling through iTunes or Spotify for that “song-I-promise-reminds-me-of-you-but-I-can’t-remember-what-it-was” or inadvertently hitting ‘play’ on your workout playlist. Doh.

To help you steer clear of any mahoosive mishaps and get February 14th off to a great start, we’ve compiled 30 of our favourite romantic tunes – from modern pop songs and cheesy classics through to power ballads and acoustic hits.


Recipe of the Month: Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Pizza

Breakfast, brunch, dinner, tea, two o’clock in the morning... pizza is perfect. Pizza will wait for you. Pizza is your best pal. It tastes fab, whether it’s piping hot or freezing cold. It brings the party together. It’s the international food. It’s one of the few savoury foods that goes well with pineapple.

You get the picture. We’re all fans of the ‘za here at I Just Love It. So this month, we thought we’d plump for a pizza-type recipe, courtesy of John, our web developer here at I Just Love It.


Gifts We'd Actually Like to Get This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We want only the best on February 14th, right? Team I Just Love It have revealed what they’d actually like to get on Valentine’s Day...

“Anything related to photos. I think I’m the only person out of my friends who still prints and keeps all the photos I take. A print in a frame is always a good shout.” Sophie, PR manager

“I'd really like to get an LA Times or Washington Post Anniversary Book.” Tom, marketing manager


Don’t Just Say It This Year…

Valentine’s Day… the perfect chance to celebrate our feelings of affection (or aversion?!) towards our special someone.

When February 14th rolls around, why not branch away from the same-old fancy dinners, chocolates, roses and teddy bears, and say “I love you” with our fabulously unconventional Valentine’s prints below? They’re sure to combat the season’s predictability. After all, what’s romance without a bit of mystery, surprise and adventure?

Personalised to the Moon and Back Print

This little stunner will look the part, gracing the walls of their abode and will always remind your valentine just how much you love them. What’s more, the Personalised to the Moon and Back Print can be personalised with both of your names. Up for grabs in either a contemporary black or white wooden box frame, it’s ideal for giving on February 14th. .


Our Ultimate Valentine’s Films

The perfect day to cuddle up and watch soppy movies, February 14th is fast approaching. We’re fans of (yep, we’re a bunch of proper soppy folks here!) lovey-dovey movies (yawn). 

We recommend having an evening in with your spouse. Make dinner and immerse yourselves in a romantic movie together. All the members of the I Just Love It team have picked out their favourite soppy movies to watch. Why not give some of them a go on Valentine's Day?

Fatal Attraction.” John, web programmer

"I have a soft spot for the soppy Notting Hill. I know, I know. It's a proper cliche... what can I say?" Susie, copywriter


Organise Your Own Bake Off

We’re big Bake Off fans here at I Just Love It Towers and were thrilled when the Prime Minister’s wife, Samantha Cameron, was crowned Star Baker by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood in last night’s Great Sport Relief Bake Off.

Yet again, this series has impelled amateur and professionals alike to get in the kitchen and whip up their own creations.

Happily, we’ve a whole gamut of stylish personalised cookware to help you create your own culinary delights or – hopefully not – disasters.

Personalised Aprons from £9.99


Celebrate World Book Day with I Just Love It

It isn’t long until World Book Day rolls around on Thursday 3rd March this year.

At I Just Love It, we’re firm believers that books should be enjoyed each 'n' every day, which is why we have such a mahoosive collection of personalised books up for grabs on our site.

We’ve pulled together a few of our bestsellers below, but for our full range, check out our website!

Personalised Classics from £9.99