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How to Buy a Gift for a New Girlfriend

You’re confronted with a quandary: Is it too soon to buy her a gift, or is it a wonderful opportunity to show her just how perrrrrrfect you are for each other? Buying gifts for her is never a walk in the park, but seeking the perfect girlfriend gift is a whole other level of problematic.

Here’s our guide on getting it right.

Pleeeeease walk away from cookbooks, facial hair removers, bikini wax kits, and worst of all, the toiletry ‘gift sets’ from your local pharmacy. It shouts ‘I chose this at the last minute’ and worse, you’re implying she needs to become all housewifely and bake in the kitchen, that she’s too hairy and ape-like, and that she smells funny. If you can’t be arsed to wander around a lingerie department, or your heart sinks at the thought of traipsing around jam-packed shops, why not buy your girlfriend’s dream gift online – right here?


Keep Your Ears Peeled for Hints

Eavesdrop. Listen out for clues. What are her interests? Once you’ve established those, you’ve got the key to gift-buying success! They say it’s the thought that counts, and as much as it’s a cliché saying, it’s oh so true. A low-priced but considerate gift will outweigh a costly but unwanted one, every time. Think about what she’d like, rather than what you’d like, or worse still, what you’d like her to like. If she’s into a bit of bling, impress her with a Personalised Pearl Bracelet, engraved with her name/date, or keep her close with a pretty Initial Necklace with Heart. As a finishing touch, you could put the bling into an Engraved Silver Trinket Box.


Creativity Outshines Cash

If you ain’t been dating for long, stay safe and keep it cheap. If you do feel the need to make an overgenerous gesture, do something that involves you both like taking Afternoon Tea for Two. Our adventure experiences might be a bit too pricey for the moment, since your relationship is in the early stages. So consider saving such extravagances for later on.


Don’t Frighten Her

The trick is to let her know you’re interested without appearing too eager. Keep it light and steer clear of anything that indicates you’re planning a future together yet. Beware of gifts that make declarations like this My Last Rolo Gift or Lovers’ Name a Star gift too soon. Rather than thinking how thoughtful your gift is, she’ll be thinking about the best way to dump you. Go for something lighthearted like Personalised Sparkling Rosé Wine.


New Girlfriends Gifts – Birthday

Let’s face it; any gift you give your gal at the start of a relationship is laden with significance. Not only is your taste being tested, but your judgment too. So err on the side of caution and choose traditional yet timeless gifts like Birthday Champagne Gifts, or if she’s a shopaholic, we’d recommend this Shop ‘til you Drop Personalised Diary. Repeat the mantra: “I will never buy her tickets to a gig that’s on in 6 months time.” This just implies you assume you’ll still be together (which is one way to guarantee you won’t be!).


New Girlfriend Gifts – Christmas


The trick here is to get the right balance between romantic and funny. Romantic gifts. You can never go wrong with chocolate. Personalised chocolates complete with her name and your own special message, will go down a treat. Better still; consider this Name a Box of Chocolates gift; choose her a sumptuous selection of chocolates, have them named after her and registered on the ‘Chocolate Foundation.’ Funny gifts. Give her a giggle with this Christmas No. 1 Spoof Newspaper – she’ll dominate the front page in a spoof story! Or star her on the Christmas front cover of this Fashion Magazine Spoof.


New Girlfriend Gifts – Valentine's Day

Save sending her running for the hills. You may think bathroom scales will come in handy, but trust us, they won’t. A scale is a gift that screams, “Not only am I stingy and unoriginal, but I also think you’re fat.” Not only that, you’re more likely to see her buried in a diet book than wearing your favourite lingerie on Valentine’s night. We particularly love this personalised roses compact mirror – a truly exotic Valentine’s gift for her, which you can have engraved with your own special message.



Never buy her gifts which insinuate where you’d like your relationship to be in the future. Buy gifts that reflect where it is now. Never buy anything her father would buy her Never buy anything that suggests you want to change her Never give gift vouchers, or worse still, cash! If you have any concerns over whether the gift you’ve chosen is a bad idea, it probably is. If in doubt, leave it out.