A Street Cat Named Bob

As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one place to start when it comes to buying gifts for cat lovers...

I was actually on my honeymoon when I started reading ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, the real-life story of recovering addict, James Bowen, who found hope in the unlikely form of a ginger tom. From the outset it’s clear we’ve been invited into the world of a guy struggling to sort his life out. And yet within the first few pages of the book’s 288, we’re also introduced to a battered Bob taking refuge on the doorstep of James’ sheltered accommodation.

From here on in, James nurses Bob back to health with the full expectation of eventually returning the feisty feline to life as a stray. There was just one problem… Bob had other ideas. And as James set off on his daily commute to busk on the streets of London, Bob was hot on his coattails. Every day. What ensues is an entirely uplifting story of how one man’s life is transformed in the most unlikely of ways. James, a chap who’d only ever had to worry about himself, now had someone else to protect.

In return, James’ new companion gave him a fresh focus and perspective on life, as well as the most important thing of all… unconditional love. That the book has gone on to become a number one bestseller is of little surprise. But the cherry on the icing of this feel-good cake?

The fact James and Bob are still going strong. In fact, you can follow their daily lives on both Twitter (@StreetCatBob) and Facebook (James Bowen & Street Cat Bob). So what else? Well, in among the book being released in various languages and as a children’s version, there are whispers of a follow-up. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.