21st Birthday Quotes

If there’s a birthday that definitely deserves celebrating, it’s a 21st, wouldn’t you agree? It marks the shift into “grown-up-ness”, a day when, theoretically, the world becomes their oyster. If there’s someone close to your heart who’s just turned the big 2-1, how about flattering them with some heart-warming quotes to wish him or her a very Happy 21st Birthday?

The peeps at I Just Love It HQ have put together some golden words of wisdom, perfect for putting in their card, on their Facebook wall or in a text message...but why stop there? Below each quote is a suggested gift, ideal for recipients to always remember the day they turned 21!

Responsibility and alcohol; a mixer that goes straight out of the window when paired together. Best to watch measurements with our Personalised Hipflasks.

Wash away the bills and the worries with something sharp to help you forget: Personalised Alcohol.

This won’t help you keep hold of your keys, but it certainly is pretty.

We’re here to help you remember, with our Personalised 21st Birthday Frame.

How to soothe that hangover? Why nutella of course! (Something to eat it with).

If you didn’t have some form of sugary coated beverage on your 21st, allow us to improvise with our Margarita Candle.

Just in case you need a bit of advice dealing with a hangover

One step at a time, focus on growing your own money (you’re going to need it from now on)

Well, this isn’t something you shouldn’t do, more like, do you have the guts to do it?


You will be judged in all walks of life, no matter the age, but just follow this advice.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone…Adopt a dinosaur!