Dancing On Ice 2013

It’s nearly that time of year again when 12 celebs take to the ice in front of judicious judges and millions of viewers, vying to be crowned the “Dancing on Ice” champ. Dancing on Ice 2013 will hit our TV screens on Sunday 6th January 2013 and this year’s line-up is sure to see the ice sizzling with the likes of TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger, Pamela Anderson and Matt Lapinskas donning glitzy leotards and laugh-out-loud tights. Here, GoneDigging gives you the rundown of the 12 celebs taking to the ice in 2013...


Famous for: Winning that show back in 2005... oh, what’s it called again? Oh yeah. The X Factor.

Age: 28

Skating partner: Maria Filippov

Our verdict: Another out-of-the-fame reality star trying to revive his star status on a reality show. ‘Nuff said.


Famous for: Being Essex-bred

Age: 26

Skating partner: Michael Zenezini

Our verdict: Another ‘celeb’ skipping from one reality show to the next. We reckon this one will keep her nice and slim ‘n’ trim, though.


Famous for: Well, predominantly, her amply-sized bosoms. Oh, and she also starred as Baywatch babe C.J. Parker. Age: 45

Skating partner: Matt Evers

Our verdict: Will she look as good in blades as she does in a bikini? Let’s hope her over-sized assets don’t get in the way.


Famous for: Blue Peter – and of course ‘Flakegate’…

Age: 52

Skating partner: Andrew Buchanan

Our verdict: Ugh. Another mediocre celeb trying to gain a bit of fame. What’s new?


Famous for: Being a panto star and TV Presenter

Age: 55

Skating partner: Olga Sharutenko

Our verdict: At last, we can enjoy all the comedy gold we failed to notice in the last series!


Famous for: Swaggering down the cobbles of Corrie

Age: 30

Skating partner: Sylvain Longchambon

Our verdict: She’s quite the beauty queen, isn’t she? She’ll be sure to bring some first-class glamour to the show.


Famous for: Being an Albert Square dweller

Age: 23

Skating partner: Brianne Delcourt

Our verdict: DOI bosses always recruit soap sweethearts like this one, the kinds that make girls go all wobbly at the knees. Pssst! He’s nothing on Sam Attwater, though.


Famous for: Well, durrhh. Getting a bronze medal for Team GB in the London 2012 Olympics.

Age: 27

Skating partner: Brianne Delcourt

Our verdict: What better addition to 2013’s DOI family? This gymnast will definitely wow ‘em with some extraordinary moves.


Famous for: Being funny. Well, an English/Italian comedian. From Essex.

Age: 51

Skating partner: Vicky Ogden

Our verdict: Fingers crossed Pasquale will be as funny to watch skating as he is to listen to. That might get him the votes.


Famous for: Being a boxing champ and winning team GB a gold medal in the 56kg Bantamweight division during the London 2012 Games.

Age: 25

Skating partner: Jenna Harrison

Our verdict: We hope he saves his kapows, wallops and whacks for the boxing ring.


Famous for: Being a Labour MP

Age: 45

Skating partner: Mark Henretty

Our verdict: Once an MP, now a reality star. But the question is, will she do better than I’m A Celeb’s Nadine Dorries?


Famous for: Being a retired rugby player. Oh, and being Welsh.

Age: 38

Skating partner: Robin Johnstone

Our verdict: Will Gareth skate as well as he scrums? Let’s hope so.