The GoneDigging Marketing Team's 2013 Resolutions Revealed

Happy New Year! It’s the season for optimistic vows to quit smoking, hit the gym, lose weight, stop stalking your ex on Facebook, sort out your budget, give up chocolate, ditch junk food and eat more home-cooked meals. Do they work, and will you make any? Have you ever kept any of them for an entire year or beyond? Can you remember the ones you made a year ago? What are your resolutions for 2013? Here’s what the marketing team at GoneDigging HQ had to say...

Kerrie – Buyer

"To spend less."

Simon – Copywriter

"To read more. I thought about exercising more as well, but that’s less likely to happen. So yeah, I’m saying to read more. I’m currently in the middle of a rather fascinating book on the pursuit, capture and trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann."

Susie – Copywriter  

"I’m a sucker for all things sweet, so I'm (reluctantly) going to cut back on chocolate, cakes, biscuits - basically all the stuff I love. Boo hoo."

Niki – Content & Promotions Coordinator

"To be more crafty and learn how to use a sewing machine. I’ve already been enquiring about lessons!"

Paul – Senior Paid Search Analyst

"New Year's resolutions are a “to do list” for the first week of January only." (I guess that means he won't be making any?!).

Tom – Paid Search Analyst

"To stop giving 110% to work and see if I can up it to 120% this year."

Tim – Graphic Designer

"No more eating chocolate... well, until Easter at least."

Stacey – Trade Marketing Executive

"Apart from the usual ‘treat my body like a temple’…. I will be making sure that I make time to catch up on all the books I’ve started and never finished, learn a new and different skill/sport/hobby (I’m not sure what yet, any suggestions!?) and go on more holidays!"