Valentine’s Day 2013: Seduction Songs

You’ve cooked up a culinary feast, lit the candles and the setting couldn’t be more romantic for the perfect date. Now all you need is the perfect soundtrack to set the tone for a romantic evening with the one you love. There are tons of love songs – too many, in fact. And the bad ones heap cliché on cliché until they're as disposable as a pile of lovey-dovey books at a train station. Planning on romancing your partner on Valentine’s Day with the latest 50 Cent or record? Let us intervene and rescue you from disaster with our selection of seduction songs. From modern day hits like Labrinth and Emeli Sande’s ‘Beneath You’re Beautiful’ to old time classics such as Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’, we’ve put together a whole raft of tracks to ensure lovers across the world gaze into each other’s eyes and declare, “Nothing compares to you”, “You look wonderful tonight”, “You’re beautiful;” and “I will always love you”. Smiley face.