Blue Monday: the Most Depressing Day of the Year


How are you feeling today? The likelihood is you’re probably feeling a bit pants. A bit down in the dumps… gloomy… depressed… miserable… and so on. You’ve probably got a case of “Blue Monday”.

This morning, ladies and gents, you’ve woken up to what has become known as ‘Blue Monday’ – a day on which folks, far and wide (including the guys 'n' gals here at GoneDigging!), feel at their most vulnerable. Seemingly, the third Monday of the year hasn’t got much going for it at all. You’re most likely feeling the post-Christmas “poverty” and, just to top it off, you’re barely seeing any daylight at all.

As for New Year’s resolutions, they went out the window, and the summer seems a lifetime away. Chances are you struggled with travel mayhem this wintry, snowy morning. Naturally, that will have only added extra “pants-ness” to your day. Happily, we’re likely to feel better tomorrow.

But, for the next few hours of 'Blue Monday', we’ll just have to grin and bear it. And get off to bed early tonight. The reason for our minor depression is the prolonged winter darkness after the brief highlights of Christmas and New Year.

The 21st January is thought to have been picked out by psychologist Cliff Arnall, from Brecon, Wales, after he came up with a scientific formula based on the length of time until next Christmas, holiday debt and the likelihood of giving up New Year’s resolutions.

He also blames this feeling of dejection on the threat of job redundancy, and the cost of food and fuel going up. He based the theory on the ‘hibernation’ effect – a time of year when people feel tired, don’t exercise, stay indoors and eat comfort food. So, there you go. Get some daylight, book a holiday and watch Miranda tonight at 9p.m.!