Mother’s Day in the UK: Some Facts and Figures

Personally, I don’t know what I’d do without my mum. Life just wouldn’t be the same if I couldn’t see her regularly or if I wasn’t able to deliver a gift on March 10th.

Apparently though, I’m in the minority. 69% of Brits have admitted to missing at least one Mother’s Day, while as many as one in five (20%) have confessed to missing it more than five times.

When asked why Brits are missing Mothers Day, almost half (45%) blamed distance as the main reason – with other excuses for not making the effort including work commitments (18%) and falling out with their parents (7%).

More surprisingly, those of us who didn’t take the time to visit our mums on their special day showed little or no remorse, with two in three (68%) admitting they wouldn’t feel guilty for missing the occasion and a substantial 79% of folks went on to say they wouldn’t even try to make up for it by sending a card or Mothers Day gifts to their mums. Wowsers.

Sure, I don’t talk to certain relatives and people, so I could be one of those mentioned above for other parental occasions of the year... but seeing it in black and white makes me feel awful for all the mums out there who live Mother’s Day as just another day. Not only that, a new survey claims us busy Britons are even more likely to post a Facebook message rather than send a Mother’s Day card. In fact, nearly 46% of people questioned said they now use the social networking sites or tap out a quick email or text.

Worse still, one in ten even declared they pretended their card had got lost in the post.

If you’re like me and want to spoil your mum this year, here are a few of my top tips to get you in the Mother’s Day mood:

1.) Take a photo of you together and put it in a frame

2.) Find a record (you remember those right?!) in a charity shop that means something to you both

3.) Make compilation CD of songs your mum loves

4.) Surprise her by making breakfast in bed

5.) Bring her coffee and newspapers in bed

6.) Walk the dog

7.) Let her sleep in longer

8.) Treat her to an actual Mother’s Day card rather than a Facebook post, tweet, text or email

9.) Give her some lovely flowers

10.) Take her on a country walk

11.) Go on a lunch cruise

12.) Go out for afternoon tea

13.) Make something for her, (a homemade card, a cake) – she’ll love it!

14.) Do something you know she hates like the dishes, taking out the bin, vacuuming, bathing the dog, hanging out the washing... the list goes on.