Made for You...

Well, durrrh. You probably know by now we sell personalised gifts. But have you ever wondered how and where our gifts are actually made? The truth is we make a lot of the stuff we sell ourselves. Here’s our story...

This is GoneDigging Towers – where we live during the week.

Just so you know, our products aren't mass-produced. They don’t come from the high street shops. Nor do they come from the back of a bus (phew!). As well as being made with love (that goes without saying!), all the products on our site are handmade – yes, really – right here in Harpenden. Well, not by the guys and gals at the office, but by the lovely chaps at Batford warehouse, just down the road from our digs.

This is where they live.

Yep. The awesome guys at Batford use proper high-tech equipment to print, guillotine, bind, engrave, emboss (etc. etc.) all the gifts you buy – that’s the football books, jewellery, photo frames, personalised kids’ books, alcohol labels, calendars, the lot.

Here’s a taster of what they get up to down at Batford.

Book Binding




Print Binding

So, you get the picture. The gifts we sell are bespoke, tailor-made, hand-crafted... whatever you want to call it. So if you’re seeking the perfect pressie for someone special, we’ve an almost inexhaustible range of personalised gift ideas stacked on our virtual aisles, just waiting for you to have a jolly good scroll through.