GoneDigging’s Hot New Arrivals

Want to show someone you really care? Then be a darling and personalise it! There’s nothing more impressive than showing you made something just for them. GoneDigging has a fabulous range of new and exciting gifts up for grabs... Our range of personalised gifts is – forgive us the little boast here – enormous and demonstrates the increasingly inspired and imaginative ways you can add that personal touch to your gift. So, without further ado, here’s what’s hot in terms of personalised presents...

Adult and Children’s Canvases – from £18.99

We have a powerful passion for print; so much so, we’ve launched a new personalised wall art section, dedicated to prints and canvases for every occasion. They’re decorated with exclusive designs, words and quotes and can be tailor-made for someone extra-special. How wow is that? Whether you’re looking for a personalised canvas for your mum, sister, a pair of newlyweds, a family print or even a canvas for your beloved pet, we’ve got a deluge of designs to suit every recipient and occasion.

Personalised Easter Bunny Book – from £9.99

For ickle ones, Easter is almost certainly a celebration of furry bunny rabbits, Easter egg hunts, yummy sweets and chocolate. It’s just as well we’ve unveiled this lovely little book – ‘The Easter Bunny Story’, available in softback or hardback. If your little one has always wanted to know the story behind the Easter Bunny and where Easter eggs come from, this book will tell all. Better yet, it features your child’s name on every page and across 10 beautiful illustrations.

Chilli and Bubble’s Little Book for Mum/Dad – £12.99

Want to doff your cap off to your mum or dad? If Mum helped you when you grazed your knee or if Dad helped you with your homework, then they deserve this lovely little book. There’s one for Mum and one for Dad, and on every page, there’s a laugh-out-loud one-liner accompanied by the two naughty cartoon characters – Chilli and Bubble.

Things I’d Do for Love Personalised Book – £12.99

Love someone more than Mickey Mouse loves Minnie? More than Homer lover beer? This funny little book, complete with 15 hilariously quirky drawings, is sure to tickle anyone’s funny bone. Inside, it reveals all the wild and wacky things you’d do for someone special, including eating 100 hot chilli peppers, dying your hair luminous green and even dancing naked in the pouring rain!

I’d Do Anything for Love Personalised Book – from £9.99

Is there someone special in your life? Why not dedicate this bonkers but brilliant book to a loved one, whether it’s your mum, dad, grandma, grandad, partner or best friend – and enlighten them of all the silly, crazy things you’d do for them?

Complete with 24 pages of funny, rhyming verses and colourful, quirky illustrations, your chosen name will appear throughout the storyline. Open it up, and your favourite person will read about all the daft things you’d do for them, including knitting the Eiffel Tower from spaghetti, brushing a crocodile’s teeth, and better still, filling the Grand Canyon with thick vanilla custard, just to say you love them.