#Loveis Competition: the Winners

We’ve been utterly overwhelmed with entries for our #loveis competition. Thank-you so, so much you lovely lot – we’re dead impressed! We can reveal WINNER NUMBER ONE is... Lisa Hughes who wrote this awesome poem for her hubby...

"5 years ago, at the altar with Elvis As you did a shimmy and he swung his pelvis You looked into my eyes and said I do (to be fair though I wasn’t that tricky to woo) I knew when we met that our lives would entwine And a few drinks later, you would definitely be mine I was certainly merry, I may have been drunk But even through the goggles you were a bit of a hunk You stalked me for months, I tried to be coy But inside my heart was filling with joy You invaded my thoughts, couldn’t stop thinking of you And our times apart made me feel somewhat blue Fast forward to now, with our children so dear When I see you with them I almost shed tears You’re a wonderful daddy, so very adored You have so much fun, and they never get bored Working hard so at home with the kids I can stay Coming back to cook us fab meals every day And you tell me you love me though sometimes I’m grumpy When my hair’s a mess and I’m feeling all frumpy We’ve had our struggles, our ups and downs But you cope with it grinning, and barely a frown I have many faults which you take in your stride So I was over the moon to become your sweet bride And we were there in Vegas, when I was ‘with child’ We told all our friends and everyone smiled We danced, we laughed, we paid homage to Elvis As I did a shimmy and you swung your pelvis."

WINNER NUMBER TWO is the lovely Charlotte Jones who tweeted us this gorgeous picture of her little tot with their favourite teddy. How adorable is this?! She said, "#Loveis that special connection between a toddler and their favourite teddy..."

And last but not least, WINNER NUMBER THREE is.... Mary Ballard, who tweeted us this super-sweet pic of her family, including her beloved dog: She said, "#Loveis my family, including my dog who wants to kiss everyone."

It was so incredibly difficult to choose a winner – there were way too many fabulous entries! We’ve included a few of our faves below, from both Twitter and Facebook:

Lucy L Richards "Love is....AMAZING!"

Lynn Doe "#Loveis moving in with my husband on the very first day I met him, this year will be our 10th wedding anniversary. I took a risk and im so happy it paid off :) xxx Love you Andrew xx"

jessica90088294 (jessica newman) "Love is being content in your own skin and with the one u love."

SamJJHeartbeat (SammieHB) "#LoveIs me and my little man, I love him unconditionally! :) xx"

L8Dogg (L8) "#loveis when my child puts his arms around me and holds me tight and says i love you dad and then looks at me with such a smile."

sassyele (elaine ) "#loveis still getting butterflies at the sight of your other half ...even after 20yrs together!"

kikicomp (wendy stanger) "That special kiss from my boy #loveis."

gemmagwynne (gemma gwynne) "#loveis the love between brothers and sister. An unbreakable bond that cannot be replaced x"

julster55P (Julie Thomas) "#loveis the bond that occurs with the first sight of your newborn #breathtaking." misty630 (misty630) "#loveis is being there in the good times and the bad times."

4MunchkinsAndMe (?? Emma ??) "#loveis Waking up to my gorgeous family every morning :D best feeling in the world! Xx"