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What Would Make a Good Father's Day Gift for My Husband? - I Just Love It Blog

Not only is your hubby your spouse, he's also the father of your children. Although June 16th is really about the kids getting their dad's Fathers Day gifts, what do you think husbands would like from their wives on this special day?

In the midst of nappies, laundry and motherly duties, husbands can often be neglected and forgotten. Sometimes the normal day-to-day activities can leave your man in the dust. So why not let him know how much he means to you? You needn't spend much if anything at all. We're not talking physical Fathers Day gift ideas like neck-ties, barbecue grills, fishing rods and golf balls – they just won't quite cut it. We're talking unique Fathers Day gifts of the more "active" nature. Things you can actually do on your own without the kids.

So, without further ado, here are four Fathers Day ideas no man will be able to resist to ensure he knows he's loved and cared for.

Breakfast in Bed. Perhaps one of the best Fathers Day presents of all would be a hearty, man-sized brekky in bed. There's no dress code; everything from teddy bear pyjamas to your birthday suit is acceptable. Reservations aren't required and timing is completely dependent on when he rolls out of bed, be it 8 a.m. or noon. And for those who aren't so good at planning ahead, breakfast foods are easy and can often be made on the fly with items typically found in a stocked kitchen: eggs, milk, cheese, bread, and flour can be made into anything from omelettes and toast to fry-ups and scrambled eggs. He'll be so grateful and surely think of you and how much you love him through the day.

Bubble Bath. Running a nice, hot bath – whether at home, a hotel room, a resort or a secluded cabin – for your hubby has to be one of the most romantic, not to mention lowest-priced gifts for Fathers Day around. Nothing beats coming home from a long, hard day and having a bubble bath ready for you. Light scented candles around the bathtub, and you'll create a loving ambience – the perfect chance to experience relaxation and intimacy with your man.

Whip Him up a Meal. Whether you've been married for two months or 20 years, keep the spark of romance alive by never losing sight of some of those early courtship rituals such as the home-cooked meals, candlelight and intimate conversations that won his heart. Rustle up his favourite feast and have it ready for when he opens the door. After all, the way to a man's heart is through his tummy. The superb smells will cheer him up and he'll be so thankful and happy.

Make Him a Gift Hamper. Lowly priced and easy to create, hampers make truly unusual Fathers Day gifts. Just visit your local high street shop or supermarket and pick up a nice basket or if you have one already, give it a quick clean and you're ready to go. Head to the high street – or buy Father's Day gifts online from the comfort of your sofa – and fill the basket with goodies you know he'll really like, such as sweets, snacks, a bottle of his favourite tipple and aftershave. Wrap it in cellophane, tie it with a bow and send it to him at work so all this fellow co-workers know you love him.