Wedding Proposal Videos: the Top Six

Are you a sucker for a perfect proposal? We’ve scoured YouTube to bring you the best marriage proposals. These proposals of marriage would make any girl weak at the knees and ensure a guaranteed “yes”. Make sure you have some tissues to hand, though...

1 Scary But Funny

This vid really takes the cake for being cruel. When proposing to your girlfriend, it's always best to scare the living daylights out of her first.

2 The Trevi Fountain Proposal

This one’s a bit of a heart-melter...

3. The 19:57 from Euston

A dude and his passengers croon to a lovely lady on the 19:57 train from Euston. It’s gonna be a lovely day.

4 Flash Mob Proposal

Next up, with 3,094,692 views – our first dancing parade proposal! Keep this in mind next time your fella wants to take you for lunch in the park…

5. Amazing Genuine Marriage Proposal

In at number five, this guy proves showy entrances aren’t all that and instead, takes the artistic approach to popping the question. It’s honest, simple and just lovely.

6 Coolest Marriage Proposal Ever

Now this one definitely wins for creativity. Get out that Kleenex.