How to Buy a Decent Farewell Gift for the Boss

So your boss is leaving the company. Buying a gift for your boss can be laden with political pitfalls. Spend too much and you’ll be dubbed “the office suck-up.” Get too intimate, and things get uncomfortable.

Whether they’re resigning, retiring, moving or being promoted, it’s considerate and courteous to give your boss a present when he or she leaves, even if they didn’t secure the “Best Boss” award. So, without further ado, here’s our take on the best leaving gifts for bosses around.

Leaving Work Personalised Newspaper

Why opt for a stress ball or dictionary when you could bestow your boss with this rather amusing personalised newspaper? After all, it’s the end of an era as they leave the place they once called work. This Daily Mirror spoof newspaper is written all about them and how sad all their colleagues will be when they leave.

Original Newspapers

Thoughtful and special in equal measure, an Original Newspaper makes a great gift for a boss. You’re able to select any date of your choice, i.e. the date they left or started at the company, and choose from over six million newspapers. They’ll be fascinated to learn about what was in the news on their important date.

Personalised Leaving Whisky Tumbler

The Chilli and Bubble Leaving Whisky Tumbler is perfect-a-mondo for the boss who enjoys a tipple or two and ideal for wishing them well. What’s more, it’s engraved with your own special message. Just make it a good one. Smiley face.

Chilli and Bubble’s Leaving Champagne

For the bubbly-loving boss, let us introduce you to this rather lovely-looking bottle of personalised champers, complete with their name plus a short message on the bottle label. As for the champagne, it’s light, fresh and vigorously youthful in taste with a fine, elegant and slightly lemony nose.  Ooh la la.

Personalised Leaving Wine Glass

We haven’t forgotten the vino lovers. To complement their glass of red, rosé or white, we’ve dug up this plush little wine glass featuring a cute cartoon character on the front. After all, your boss is heading to pastures new, so it’d be rude not to spoil them with several glasses of wine.