I Just Love... the 60s

The decade of miniskirts, bellbottoms and Beatlemania, we’ve put together the things we just love about the 1960s...

A Loaf of Bread...

... cost just 5 pence! We’re not sure what you can buy for 5p today!


Unzip a Banana

“Unzip a Banana” was a motto for a British TV ad campaign in the 1960s. You’ll never be able to peel a banana without the catchphrase spinning around your head from that classic tune!


Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is one of the greatest and most adored Disney classics ever, a film so colossal in its cultural reach that it inspired another movie, Saving Mr. Banks. You just can’t beat a bit of Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.


Ford's Groovy Escort Mk1

Why have the Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus when you can have this... Ford’s Escort MK1? “It’s a little gas” being the slogan...



By 1967, miniskirts became the fad of the 60s – literally every young woman owned one. It was a sign of rebellion. They’re pretty normal now. Them and, unfortunately, booty shorts *shudders*.


Angel Delight

Equally essential in the 1960s diet was Angel Delight, a chemically loaded powder whipped into a mousse with cold milk. (Mmm, yum...). With its long list of ingredients, it was truly artificial in all aspects, including taste, but it remains the best-selling instant pudding today.


School Cane

And how could we forget the evil that was the school cane? Can you imagine getting the stick for being left-handed?! The cane was banned in state-run schools in 1987 and abolished in 1999 in other private schools (England and Wales). Scotland banned it in 2000 but it wasn’t outlawed in Northern Ireland until 2003!


Vinyl Records

Before the invention of tapes, compact discs and iPods, folks listened to recorded music on record players. That meant no fast-forward, rewind or shuffle. Instead, you picked an album and enjoyed around 25 minutes of tunes by one artist before flipping it over for more or putting another record on the turntable. As for sound, it’d be nothing like the rich sounds you hear today – more like a crackle! And the worst thing? The needle tended to skip across a groove and interrupt darned the song!


Heinz Spaghetti Hoops

Heinz tinned ravioli and Spaghetti Hoops became a teatime staple in the 1960s. You could afford to splurge if bread only cost 5p!



When we think of Twiggy, we think false eyelashes, overstated makeup and cropped hairstyle. The ‘60s model was more than just a fashionista – she was a trailblazer, a daring dresser and an icon in her own right, so much so, her looks – that’s the miniskirts, the knee-high boots, the loafers – have crept into our wardrobes today. Go, Twiggs!


1960s Ribena Advert

Although ‘Bena’s been (nearly!) banned, the high-sugared drink was a proper fad in the sixties. They were essential for picnics, treats even that turned our tongues the brightest shade of purple! Thankyfully Ribena's cleaned up its act since the 60s, meaning children (and even adults) still binge on its liquid goodness.



In 1961, Corrie went nationwide for the first time under the new title of Coronation Street. It was aired twice a week, with Friday's episode being broadcast live and the following Monday's edition filmed immediately after that. A far cry from the four episodes a week we get nowadays. At the end of the year, it was the most popular programme in Britain and is now the longest running soap across the globe.



OXO was pretty big in the sixties. Crumble it into a stew for intense flavours or create a mouth-watering gravy to drench a Sunday dinner in. OXO could turn a bland dinner into a taste sensation, in one tiny cube.


Dr Martens Boots

The first Dr. Martens boots in the United Kingdom came out on 1st April 1960, with an eight-eyelet oxblood-coloured, smooth leather design. Dr. Martens boots were made in their Cobbs Lane factory in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, which is still running now.



In 1962, the first computer video game, Spacewar, was invented. It was a two-player game, with each player taking control of a starship and attempting to annihilate the other.


Ford Mini

It was cool to drive a Ford Mini in the sixties. Then it was uncool for a while in the decades that followed, and now it’s cool again and many old cars are worth a lot! We bet you’re wishing you didn’t sell yours now, aren’t you?


1960s Triumph Herald Advert

Harking back to the nostalgic Heartbeat era, the Triumph Herald was an immediate hit and popular with celebrities, including John Lennon and presenter Katie Boyle. It was the 'style car' of the decade. It’s easy to see why. Smiley face...



Produced by Thomas Dam, little troll dolls with wild, bright-coloured hair were a craze in the mid-1960s. Looking back now, they’re actually quite scary.


Barbie Dolls

Ruth Handler, creator of the Barbie doll, was inspired by her young daughter Barbara’s fascination with teenage life and adoration for fashion dolls. By 1965, one hundred million dollars worth of Barbie merchandise was sold, and it’s still going strong today.


The Beatles

The world suffered with a severe case of “Beatlemania”, as the British rock group became a sensation with the teens of the ‘60s. People would faint at concerts or even just from seeing them on TV!



Inspired by Navy styled uniforms, these wide-legged trousers became a big hit with youngsters in the 1960s. The likes of Elvis Presley, Sonny and Cher strutted around in them, making them a fashion statement for the hippies and counter-culture audience.