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The IJLI Cupcakes Parenting Event

This week, Tuesday to be precise, I Just Love It held its first ever blogger event. The day consisted of ooh-ing and ahh-ing at products, catching up with familiar faces and, best of all, getting our hands dirty with icing, sprinkles, cupcakes and more.


The team from I Just Love It and a group of mummy/parenting bloggers, including Emmys Mummy, Mama Geek, What Katy Said, You Baby Me Mummy, Belle Du Brighton, Mummy Endeavours, Over 40 And A Mum To One, Watching You Grow and Jacintaz3.


We organised a breakfast of pastries, juice and hot drinks to accompany a mooch around our product ranges that were on display followed by a cupcake decorating class for everyone to take part in


Tuesday 13th October, 10am – 2pm


Held at Jenius Social, an open-plan venue based in North London


We are firm believers that bloggers are incredibly influential, both presently and will continue to be in the future.

As an online company we like to spread the word of what we do by all things web (and print!) based, so it’s the perfect relationship in our eyes.

We decided that the best way to showcase what we offer as a company was to bring together a bunch of lovely bloggers to help build new relationships, introduce them to our rebranded website and also put some of our most-loved personalised products in front of them.


We always liked the idea of the event being around the ‘personalised’ element, as it’s the core of the company, so when deciding on an ‘activity’, personalised cupcakes seemed like a great idea – who doesn’t love a cupcake, especially one they can decorate themselves?! It's the perfect accompaniment to tea

We decided that our first blogger event would be aimed at the parenting blogger community, so set about contacting each blogger to see if they were interested in attending. We had some great feedback and our first event filled up very quickly!

A lot of time and effort went into the event, and it was a great success on the day, with many of the bloggers commenting on how much they liked the products we had on show.

A massive thank you to all the bloggers who attended, we hope you had a great day and enjoyed yourselves!

If you’re interested in finding out how the day went, we’ve included a bunch of photos from the day below.

If you are a blogger interested in attending one of our future events, please drop us an email on

Here’s to the next one!