Our Personalised Christmas Gifts for Kids Guide

Every week in the run-up to Christmas, we pull together a handy gift guide. So far, we’ve covered unusual gifts, stocking fillers and Christmas decorations, and now we’re on to children's Christmas gifts.


Buying Christmas presents for little ones is a real delight – you ought to enjoy shopping for them almost as much as they do un-wrapping their Christmas gifts!


Whether you’re seeking a tiny treat for a niece or nephew or something with the “wow” factor for your own kids, take a peek at our handy guide below – we’re sure you’ll find something you just love...



Personalised Peter Rabbit Gifts, from £21.99


As well as Christmas-themed books, we also have a range of Peter Rabbit books which can be personalised with any name. If you’re looking for a new bedtime story, a book to encourage leisurely reading or an educational book, we’ve got you covered.



Personalised Children’s Music Player, £39.99


Spoil a little music lover with one of our hi-fidelity music players which include 12 personalised songs, a storyteller, a night light and 2GB of memory so they can download their own MP3 and WAV files. The bunny ears also glow and change colour, and its face functions as a lamp.



Personalised Children’s Alarm Clock, £24.99


Waking up's never been so much fun! Each alarm clock has its own ‘wake-up’ song which features any child’s name. The durable alarm clock comes fitted with solid chromed metal bells, handles and feet, a demo and snooze function plus the option to re-programme with your own music or sounds.



Personalised Money Boxes, from £17.99


Little ones can keep their precious pennies safe in style using these beautiful white gloss ceramic personalised money boxes. Other styles include princess, butterfly, trains, dinosaurs and alternative finishes include silver-plated, fine china and terramundi.



Personalised Children’s Bags, from £14.99


Pirates, princesses, ballet shoes, boats, animals, names and more feature on the front of any of our personalised children’s bags. Choose from a range of styles, including backpacks, library bags, swim bags and lunch bags.



LED Canvases, from £45.99


These are real show stoppers - our beautifully hand-painted canvases make lovely gifts for kiddies. One features a design of a fairy illuminated with LED lights while the other displays a pirate design. What makes the paintings super-special is that they can be personalised with any name, date and hairstyle to match whoever you might be buying for.



Celebration Name Illuminated Canvas, from £55.99

Brighten up your child’s bedroom with one of our illuminated canvases. Each print features 20 LED lights and you can pick from over 25 colours and choose from two different sizes. The canvas is battery operated and easy to move around any space.