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Our #IJLPizza Lifestyle Blogger Event

Photos Credits: Luke Carey Photographer

Due to the success of our first blogger event in October last year, we decided to host another! Last year, we had mummy bloggers, pastries, teas, coffees, cupcakes and a whole lot of sprinkles. 

This time around, we had lifestyle bloggers, prosecco, soft drinks, freshly made Focaccia, homemade pizza with more fresh toppings than we can justify thinking about again (it’s lunchtime) and a new romance – but more on that later.


The team from I Just Love It (IJLI) and a group of lifestyle bloggers, including Copper Garden, Sweet Monday, Blonde Vision, Boo and Maddie, Just Nice Things, Loved By Laura, Do Not Refreeze, Britton Loves, Love Audrey, Tink Jayne, Ess Bee Vee, Popcorn and Glitter, Lucie Loves It, Dream In Pink, Loula Beth, Emma Louise Layla, Floral Etiquette, Two Different Worlds and Pretty and Polished.


Thursday 25th February, 6pm – 9.30pm


Held at La Cucina Caldesi, an open-plan, Italian-style kitchen in central London, with the class run by chef Steffano Borella


We organised a welcome reception at the venue, with freshly popped prosecco, soft drinks and hot-out-the-oven Focaccia whilst showing the attendees a selection of our product ranges that were on display at the back of the room. This was then followed by a pizza-making class, where everyone was able to create their own pizza, put it into the oven themselves and then chow down 10 – 12 minutes later, once it was cooked.


We’re firm believers that bloggers are incredibly influential, both at present and in the future.

As an online company we like to spread the word of what we do by all things web (and print!) based, so it’s the perfect relationship in our eyes.

We decided the best way to showcase what we offer as a company was to bring together a bunch of lovely bloggers to help build new relationships, introduce them to our website and also put some of our most-loved personalised products in front of them.


Being a ‘personalised gifting company’ and being proud of what we do, we always lean towards showcasing this element. When organising an event, we think it should be informative (so you can learn a bit more about the company) but also fun. When deciding on an ‘activity’ for our lifestyle blogger event, a pizza-making class seemed like the perfect choice – who doesn’t love pizza?!

After the success of our first parenting blogger event, which resulted in some great coverage and even better working relationships (which are still strong to this day), we wanted to branch out to another sector which is close to our hearts – lifestyle.

The Event

After researching into blogs, we set about contacting each blogger to see if they were interested in attending. We had some great feedback and the event filled up very quickly, so quickly, in fact, that we had to increase the amount of space we had booked!

Once the final 23 (pictured below) had confirmed, we went about organising travel and ordering personalised products for the goody bags which were handed out on the night. 

On this occasion, to stick to the theme, the goody bags included our Personalised Rustic Pizza Plate, Personalised Name Cushion Cover, Personalised 12 Boxed Pencils, Personalised Silver Plated Vintage Teaspoon, a Cocktail-Inspired Candle and our Great British Chocolate Fish & Chips.

Onto the day itself! The IJLI team got down to the venue early and set up, organising goody bags (surprisingly long process!), decorating the room and making sure everything was good to go for when the bloggers started arriving. 

At 7 pm, the majority had arrived, (trains always run late when there is an event on!), our PR manager, Sophie, gave a welcome talk and also announced our competition of the evening (bottle of champagne to the best-looking pizza!), and so the class began.

Steffano, the chef, showed everyone how to make pizza dough (this had been made in advance to save time) and then went on to explain toppings. 

The freshly cooked (that afternoon) toppings included tomato sauce, sautéed mushrooms, four different types of cheeses, spicy Columbian sausage, roasted peppers, olives, basil, salami, capers, rocket and, the apparent star of the show, anchovies.

Here’s where it got steamy (excuse the food pun). 

The chef’s love of anchovies, as well as Leanne’s (from Do Not Refreeze) love of anchovies, inspired a short-lived love affair to start from across the (flour covered) table. In a strange turn of events - and not one we’ve seen in our event- hosting careers - they were so united in their love for anchovies they shared a (very public) display of affection in front of the class with a cheeky kiss. 

The team from IJLI weren’t really sure what type of event this had turned into, and what’s more, we had no idea anchovies could spark such emotions!

Post- romance, the bloggers got stuck in with decorating their pizzas. There were plenty of toppings to go around and, once they were happy with their selection, they used a pizza shovel to place their masterpieces in the oven. 

Then 10- 12 minutes later, these beauties (can you tell we like pizza?!) came out of the oven crispy, golden and melting. Optional rocket was then added at this point and the bloggers were able to tuck in. The room was filled with the noise of appreciation (and no, it wasn’t from Leanne and Steffano this time...).

Once the pizza had been consumed, approximately four minutes after they came out of the oven, there was the chance to make another, but many bloggers who’d finished their own pizzas were helping others out and were happy to network with each other and the IJLI team. This was great, as it meant there was plenty left over for the IJLI guys to get involved and make their own!

Steffano announced the winner of the competition, which went to the lovely Sophie from Pretty and Polished who made a heart-shaped pizza, ahem, ‘on purpose’. 

After a round of applause, the evening began to wind down – it was 9 pm already. Goody bags were handed out to each individual blogger and goodbyes were made between the IJLI team and all the attendees

A lot of time and effort went into the event, and it was a great success on the day, with many of the bloggers commenting on how much they liked the products we had on the show.

A massive thank you to all the bloggers who attended, we hope you had a great day and enjoyed yourselves!

If you’re interested in finding out how the day went, we’ve included a bunch of photos from the day below.

If you’re a blogger interested in attending one of our future events, please drop us an email on

Here’s to the next one! 

Photos Credits: Luke Carey Photographer