15 Simple Ways to Spruce up Your Home

The smell of spring is finally in the air. It’s often still too cold to be working outside, but with the sun streaming through our windows, it makes us question what better time of year to renovate and refresh our interior home decor.

A word of warning, though. Once you start revamping your rooms, you may not want to stop! Although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s no need to renovate every single room from top to bottom, unless, of course, you’re feeling incredibly motivated.

Instead, to save time, cost and personal effort, why not give each room in your house a subtle makeover? New flowers, a touch of paint on an accent wall and some new prints to decorate are rewarding forms of self-expression and creativity, and inject touches of personality into any home.

We’ve pulled together a few easy, enjoyable tips on how to make your abode feel new – without breaking the bank. Sprucing up your space on a budget’s never been simpler. Enjoy…

First Impressions Count. Brighten up your front door with a fresh lick of paint, a new doorbell or even a shiny new handle. Make sure your doorbell works too – no one likes being ignored. 

Revive your walls with lively colours. Repaint, renovate and revitalise the walls in one (or all) of the rooms in your abode. Why not plump for summery hues, like gentle yellows, soft blues and colourful greens?

Spruce up kitchen cupboards. One kind-to-the-wallet way of sprucing up your home is cleaning out your kitchen cupboards. You could give them a fresh coat of paint or simply use a brush and a wood cleaner to get rid of dirty marks and fingerprints.

Mirror magic. Did you know adding a mirror to a room can provide a massive amount of natural light? It’s best to hang a large mirror in the lounge directly where the sun shines in. Moreover, mirrors create virtual space, not to mention charm, to smaller rooms. Win, win.

Flower power. For an instant breath of fresh air in any room, placing flowers – whether it’s potpourri, potted flowers, orchids or even a cactus plant – can really make a statement in the home. Make sure you use a decent-looking vase as well.

Dress up a room with a rug. Adding a rug can completely alter the feel of a room. Lighten up a dark room with a white or cream-coloured rug or decorate and enliven a room up with a patterned or oriental one. Carpet shops often have remnants of luxury carpet at rock-bottom prices that make for a brilliant area rug. The retailer may bind the edges for you, or you can do it yourself with carpet binding tape and some neat hand-sewing.

Cosy up a room with a fireplace. The addition of a fireplace – even if it’s a faux one – can work wonders, adding ambiance and romance to whatever room you decide to place it. You can get complete fireplace units from most specialised retailers or, even cheaper, would be to add a striking collection of candlesticks or ornaments to your own mantle.

Liven up with lighting. Had your eye on a fun lampshade for a while? Been tempted by a vintage lamp? Why fight the urge any longer? A new lamp will instantly make you feel as if you’re in a completely different room – a brand new one, at that. Why not fix up some strip lighting above cabinets? You could also move your current lighting to highlight certain features in your room, like ornaments or pictures.

Put up some shelves. Got stacks of books hidden away in the loft? CDs buried under the bed? Boxes full-to-bursting with photos? Solve storage issues by installing display shelves. Give your CDs, books and family photos a place to shine – don’t hide them away. What’s more, you’ll give your living space a totally new vibe in the process.

Create a new look. Do you remember the last time you changed the colour of the tablecloth? The tea towels? When was the last time you changed the style of the duvet cover or pillowcases? Has it been ages since you added some new cushions to the sofa? That being the case, we have some fab cushion covers on our site, all of which will add originality to any room. Fresh fabrics can really ‘make’ a room, and bring décor together, transforming it in seconds.

Deck the halls. If you’re the practical type – or your loved one/housemate is – then now’s the time to break out the hammer and ruler, and put up some new photos and/or pictures.  Hanging up wall art can really transform bare walls. Be sure to give some thought to the type of frame, as that can matter as much as the display. We have heaps of beautiful wall art on our site, some of our favourites being the gorgeous LED Letter Wall Light, Personalised Heart Map, Personalised Wall Art and the Personalised Love Tiles Poster.

Create ambience with bulbs. Replace your regular bedroom lamp light bulb with a pink one for a rosy, romantic glow. Or plump for a pink lampshade which can create the same effect.

Add some finishing touches. Something as simple as changing the light switch plates can really make a difference, as can moving around furniture in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. Small details make all the difference: attractive coasters, a small but pretty crystal vase filled with fresh flowers or even a hanging sign – we have tons to choose from on our site.

Re-tile kitchen backsplashes. The majority of backsplashes only need a few square feet of tile, so you can treat yourself to a high-end style or use plain porcelain tiles to cover most of the surface. Then pepper it with some hand-painted or fancy tiles as decoration. In fact, we have some awesome Personalised Ceramic Map Tiles on our site – you’ll be able to study the map whilst you’re waiting for the dinner to cook or relaxing in the bath!

Photo phenomena. Create a display of family photos and other small pictures in matching frames, arranged in a collage on a large wall – this could be in the hallway or stairway. Tip: it’s a good idea to lay your snaps out on the floor first, until you find the right arrangement.