11 Last Minute Ideas to Personalise This Father's Day


Father's Day 2016 falls on Sunday 19th June and is fast approaching. We all know what traditional Father's Day gifts are– a good bottle of scotch, a nice shirt or a best-selling book.


While these types of Father's Day presents are not to be sniffed at and are more than likely to draw a genuine smile of appreciation, they are also just a tad clichéd and destined to be lost in the mists of time along with countless pairs of Christmas Day socks!


If you want to make this Father's Day truly memorable, you should really be looking at personalised Father's Day gifts, which remind Dad, each and every time he sees them, that they were carefully and lovingly chosen.


Gifts don’t just have to be physical objects; they can of course also be outings, treats and events. It’s all about showing Dad just how important he is by creating special memories together.


With this in mind, our guide to 11 ideas for Father's Day incorporates both unique Father's Day gifts and lots of fun things to do on Father's Day.


1. Specially Engraved and Printed Gifts


It’s hard to put a price on the personal touch. In fact, it’s easy to find affordable and cheap Father's Day gifts that Dad will absolutely adore because they include a personal message which reflects both the thought and love put into the gift choice, as well as your dad’s own hobbies.


Specially printed or engraved gifts can include anything from golf sets, mugs and photo frames to cheese boards and even chocolate bars, ensuring that Father's Day 2016 will never be forgotten!


2. Personalised Publications


Fatherhood is a celebration of life, family and milestones, so what better way to commemorate such important things than with personalised publications, such as a copy of a newspaper from the day your dad was born, or even a year edition encompassing news stories from the whole year?


3. Handmade Gifts


If you’ve got younger children who want to give Daddy something special on Father's Day, you can’t go far wrong with a handmade card to tug on his heart strings. Time to get the glitter, glue and crayons out and help your little ones get creative!


4. Get the Beers In….


Or indeed the wine, if your dad’s a bit of a vino connoisseur! If you happen to be otherwise engaged on the day, why not take your dad out for a relaxing drink in the evening?


After all, this Father's Day is just before the summer solstice, so there should be long warm evenings aplenty to while away.


However, why not mix it up a little and make the evening more memorable by steering away from the local boozer and opting for something entirely different, like a roof bar in the city, a craft beer pub or perhaps a real ale pub?


5. Gourmet Delights


A Father's Day meal is always something of a tradition but make sure this one is distinctly dad-favoured! Options could include a sumptuous Sunday roast in a sunny beer garden or perhaps going out for a rack of ribs at a barbecue joint.


Alternatively, you might want to have a barbecue at home but if Dad’s usually the one slaving over the hot coals, let him know the barbecue is a no-go area for him today. Instead, let him put his feet up with a cold beer and the Sunday papers.


If you’re planning an activity-packed Father's Day and don’t have time for a leisurely meal, why not give Dad the perfect start to the day with this breakfast of champions?


6. Pampering Session


If your dad prides himself on being a well-groomed chap, why not treat him to a pampering session at the barber’s, where he can get a haircut, massage and shave, so he can look his best on the big day?


7. Family Picnic


If you live amidst green and peaceful surroundings, Father's Day might be the perfect opportunity to take that family picnic you’ve been planning for ages. Just make sure he stays well away from the hamper until it’s time to tuck in!


8. Family Bike Ride


If you fancy taking the activity levels up a notch or two, why not enjoy a whole family bike ride with the kids, especially if the weather’s good? This can always be combined with a family picnic later on, once all that riding has truly whetted the appetite.


9. Theme Park


If Dad is just a big kid at heart and is also something of an adrenaline junkie, Father's Day might just be the opportunity to take the whole family out to a theme park and enjoy some thrills and spills.


10. Go-Karting


If you know your dad to be a bit of a boy racer and petrol head, he’ll beam from ear to ear with a trip to the go-karting track. Also, you can finally settle those arguments about who’s the better driver, although perhaps not from a road safety point of view!


11. Paintballing


Completing the theme of the active dad, paintballing might be just up his street if he fancies himself as a bit of a sharp shooter. It’s up to you if you decide to let Dad win just this once – but remember, it is Father's Day!