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5 of the Worst Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ever

Anniversaries are a wonderful, romantic occasion; a time when partners can express their love for one another and for their partnership. So, naturally, when it comes to choosing anniversary gifts it can feel as though a lot is at stake. Do not fret! Here’s a list of what NOT to do, in hopes to avoid the disappointed looks and long held grudges.

First things first, not all gifts are created equal, but they certainly don’t have to be expensive. No matter what your budget, be confident that the right gift is out there. All it takes is a little time and effort. However, in the meantime, avoid these hazardous waters.


1. Something They Won’t Ever Use

On a similar note, buying anything for your loved one that’s simply not of interest to them demonstrates a huge lack of thought and care. A prime example many husbands fall into would be buying the wrong kind of jewellery. Be sure to check your wife actually has pierced ears before deciding on those pearl earrings you’ve been thinking of. In the same way, a china tea set for someone who never drinks tea, new golf clubs for one who’s never played a set of holes, or an array of paint supplies for the particularly un-artsy do not make particularly good gifts. Most definitely, do not buy them something you want for yourself so you can use it. That’ll go down like a lead balloon.


2. Money

Giving money as a gift may be great for your 16-year-old, but for that special someone in your life? Don’t even think about it. While it may seem that a cash gift allows the recipient to get ‘what they really wanted,’ all it really does is highlight your lack of thought. You should know your significant other well enough to find some sort of gift a little more personal than cold, hard cash. The same rules apply for gift cards and vouchers. While they are slightly better, they still lack the personal touch that make a wedding anniversary gift special.


3. Homeware

Another ‘what not to do’ is to pick up an anniversary gift which isn’t really for your partner at all, but something you mutually need for your home. Unless they’ve specifically stated this is what they want, avoid it. A gift should never be about convenience, but rather a gesture of love – something out of the ordinary, and special to your partner. While a new dishwasher may be a relief for both you and your partner, it doesn’t exactly scream wedding anniversary. Hold off on household needs and appliances as gifts, and stick to something that means a little more to them than a ‘special deal 10 year guarantee fridge’.


4. Exercise Equipment

Whether it’s a gym membership or an at-home workout DVD, don’t. Just don’t. Are you trying to tell them they’re out of shape? How unromantic is that? No matter how much your partner may be wanting to get more active, both these gifts tread in very dangerous waters. You may be wanting to send a supportive, loving gift they’ve been wanting, but chances are your gift will be received as a barely veiled critique on your partner’s physic. Don’t get yourself in to trouble unnecessarily, keep clear of anything that points to fitness or weight loss. This is something a person should decide to get for themselves. There really is no good way to give a treadmill.


5. The Non-Existent Gift

We know that remembering the anniversary itself can be a victory all on its own, but don’t stop there. Everyone’s worst gift? Not receiving one at all. We get it, gift giving is hard, and everyone has a different budget, but don’t opt out! There are a million and one DIY ideas out there, and for those less crafty, don’t panic! Write your loved one a note or card expressing how thankful you are for another wonderful year together and designate some time to spend together.


The best gift you can give is your love and your time, so whether that’s a token of your affection, big or small, or an evening out spent celebrating, make sure your wedding anniversary is all about your partner, and the wonderful partnership you’ve built, whether it’s been one year or 50.