Olympics in Life: Gifts for Gold, Silver and Bronze


With the start of the Rio Olympics, everyone’s getting into the competitive spirit. Yet, a key part of the Olympics is the ‘taking part’. That’s why we give out gold, silver and bronze medals – it’s not just about who wins first place.


Although the Olympics themselves started in Ancient Greece, how the modern Olympics started actually took around 1500 years. When Baron Pierre de Coubertin proposed its return back in 1894, the Olympics medals became a key part of the process.



So, why not carry this over into your own life and give gifts to the top people – or even animal companions – present in your home and day-to-day living? While your significant other might always have the gold position in your heart, it doesn’t mean that silver and bronze don’t deserve some affection, either.




Gold, of course, is for the number one winner. In real life, this can be quite a few people. Perhaps it’s your significant other, an important mentor or even your beloved dog or cat? The gold medal is for those individuals that make the biggest difference in your life.


Looking at Olympic history, there are countless people who completed amazing feats, all for the elusive gold medal. Just look at the likes of Michael Phelps. Appearing at the Olympics 2016, Phelps already has over 20 medals, 19 of which are gold, including one this year. Who do you know that always strives to do their best?


Why not treat them to a gold personalised champagne bottle. Not only can you put their name on the bottle, you can place a message letting them know just what they won this prestigious award for. The champagne might not last forever, but they can always treasure the bottle!



On the other hand, if you want something even more personal, how about a personalised bracelet? This can be custom engraved with their name and, well, it’s made of gold, so they’ll know they’re forever a winner in your eyes.




In results, Olympic athletes are awarded silver medals for coming second, but this by no means makes them a loser. Just ask Nastia Liukin. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, she won three silver medals, as well as one gold, yet you could hardly call her career a failure.


When it comes to treating those people that are always there for you, nothing says it better than silver. Engraved silver cufflinks can say a lot, yet can still be subtle for everyday use.



On the other hand, perhaps you want something larger and bolder, for that special someone in your life? They might not come first (perhaps your true love will always be your four-legged companion), but a personalised silver-plated spoon lets them know they’re still very important.





When it comes to the Olympics, bronze is by no means a failure. Third place is still impressive when you consider how many countries compete in each event. Canadian athlete Clara Hughes is a perfect example. As one of the Canadian athletes with the most medals – in addition to one of the few to ever compete in both the summer and winter Olympics – her six podium positions are not to be sniffed at. Yet four of these are bronze.



Besides, all athletes have to start somewhere. Even the renowned Michael Phelps has a bronze medal or two under his name. This is where bronze gifts can be very important. Let that special someone, or a close friend, know you appreciate their efforts and, while they might not be the most important person in your life, they’ve not gone unnoticed.


Bronze is appreciated for its strong, durable qualities, so it’s demonstrative as a gift for people who’ve been your rock through hard times.  Bronze is a little harder to find gifts for, so instead, why not give that someone an engraved glass to say thanks? Not only are they a reminder of the times that have been shared, they’re a great way to celebrate the times yet to come.



Of course, if bronze isn’t a material you’re crazy about, how about wood? It has similar hues, as well as some lighter tones. Try some personalised photo frames to capture those favourite memories – just, perhaps, don’t put a big “3rd place” on the frame itself!


The Right Sentiment


Different people have different goals in life. Some people want to earn as many gold medals as possible, while others simply strive to perfect themselves in a given area. This is the same in life, as people apply themselves in different ways. What matters is that we’re able to come together and celebrate good times.


After all, the Rio Olympics represent the ongoing cooperation between people across the world. Sure, we might have days when the people we care about annoy us, but it’s worth taking the time now and then to make sure we all appreciate each other.