7 Great British Bake off Disasters That Had Us Enthralled


The nation is in mourning; yes, Great British Bake Off has come to its climatic end and Wednesday evenings will now seem empty and void.


Yet, as we celebrate Candice Brown’s well-deserved win, it’s a good time to reflect on GBBO 2016 and take a look at some of the less successful baking moments that have made this season into yet another classic. Which is your favourite?



Louise’s Church Blew Down


Attempting to create her forthcoming nuptials, Louise’s showstopper included a gingerbread church, complete with action figures of her special day. Alas, it was not to be – in GBBO world at least. Just like a row of dominoes, when she touched one side, the others collapsed. Her stressed face and shaking fingers said it all, and our hearts went out to her as she carried her collapsed creation across to the critical judges.


When Andrew’s Oven Did Not Play Ball


In reality, there was nothing wrong with Andrew’s oven – he just forgot to turn it on! For fifteen minutes in Patisserie week, Andrew struggled to understand why his delights weren’t browning. When he discovered his faux pas, he calmly said, “It’s not cooking – that’s unfortunate.” Luckily his cool engineer’s brain took over and he worked out he had to turn the heat button on. That degree was certainly not wasted!



Selasi’s Soggy Bottom


In Bake Off terms, there is nothing worse than a soggy bottom, and Selasi certainly hit rock bottom with his palmiers in semi-final week. Mary Berry is famous for her understatements and kind words, to counter-act those of her sharper partner, but even she described them as “very raw”. When Mary adds in “very”, you know it’s bad. Unfortunately, Selasi was turned out onto his behind, soggy or otherwise.


Benjamina Re-Invents the Tudors


Of course, we all know that the Tudors shared a love of Mexican food – that’s if you listen to Benjamina. Could Paul’s eyebrows raise any more as she explained her idea to the judges? Apparently Mexican flavours are not classical in a Tudor style pie (who would have guessed?) and they were declared clumsy. Future contestants be warned – do your homework!



Andrews Caramel Joust


Who can ever forget the lovingly created caramel joust positioned strategically in the hand of Andrew’s knight in shining armour? We say “lovingly” because that caramel took some making - with countless sugar syrups ending up in the bin. Fair play to Andrew, however, for his perseverance – it really was the crowning glory.


Val Did Not Bake Well


Never, never, never announce to the world that you bake a particular pie every week for your family at home – the curse of the Bake Off tent will strike! Val’s regularly made Bakewell was anything but well; in fact, it looked positively sickly in all its rawness.  It was the beginning of the end for Val, who, in all her loveliness, took it all in good spirit. It’s a shame her tart did not match her mood.


Candice Can’t Cope with Her Chocolate Loaf


Some people use their loaf, whereas other don’t, and Candice certainly lost hers when it came to bread week. Her signature bread, a chocolate loaf, fell rather flat, leading to tears before bedtime. Paul’s comments – “You can see the dough is still raw inside. With all the love in the world I am not going to eat it” – cut to the quick, but were not as sharp as her bright red lipstick.



No one escaped the curse of the tent, not even our 3 finalists. Yet as Freud once said, “pleasure is a release from pain” – do we get more pleasure when the bake goes right or when a disaster hits our screens? Whatever the answer, there is no doubt that Great British Bake Off has definitely been a pleasure. Roll on 2017!