Christmas Eve Box Ideas: A New Christmas Eve Tradition


Mums and dads, it’s that time of year where your kids can finally get the presents they’ve been asking for (probably since August or May, maybe even October?). Sadly, they’ll have to wait till Christmas day to open them. Or do they…?


Parents know Christmas is all about presents and every kid knows exactly where to find them too (that’s right, hiding them in suitcases or boxes inside boxes doesn’t work anymore!).


If you’re a prepared mum, you’ve most likely been gathering your presents to avoid the hellish ordeal that is Christmas Eve shopping. For the rest of us lost souls, we wander the highstreets and browse online for last minute deals and bargains.


Though there is much more to Christmas than gifts, children wake up on Christmas morning hoping they’ve made it on to Santa’s nice list, with sacks filled with presents. But this doesn’t stop their prying hands from rummaging every crevice in the house to find them beforehand.



We have a solution to keep them occupied for one more day: give them a present before Christmas. Yes, it’s a simple as that. Give them something they can do on Christmas Eve every year. We give you the holy grail of early bird gifts: our Personalised Christmas Eve Boxes!


Individually handmade, expertly personalised with your child’s Name and presented with an adorable heart-shaped gift tag (need we say more?). Imagine your child’s face when they realise they’re getting gifts even before Christmas day – that’s two lots of presents (and the aunts, uncles and grandparents haven’t even been over yet). It’ll stop them from turning the house upside down and could even become a Christmas Eve tradition. 


Personalised Family Memories Christmas Keepsake Box




We’re walking in the air with this Christmas Eve Box idea (everyone loves a bit of Aled Jones during the holidays). Our Personalised Family Christmas Box is a present everyone will get a kick out of. Each family member can be customised on to the front of the 100% birch plywood plaque as an adorable snowman. Add up to six Names, a family Surname and even a year to never forget the celebrated moment.




As our Family Memories Christmas Keepsake Box is a gift for the whole family, how about filling it with one our Personalised Tree Decorations? There’s our Mr and Mrs Reindeer plaque, a baby’s First Christmas Hanging Decoration, Engraved Snowflakes and much more to hang on your Christmas tree before the big day. Why not make it a Christmas Eve tradition and add a new ornament for each member of the family every year? 


Personalised Family Christmas Eve Wooden Box




As a parent, you know full well that kids make such a fuss over packaging rather than the gift itself. This Christmas Eve Box for the Family is adorned with hand-cut stars surrounding a delightful Christmas tree plaque. You can customise it with up to five Names and even include your Family Name. It’s a Christmas Eve gift idea you can send to relations across the seas and fill it with some of our favourite Christmas gifts below!




How about our Personalised Giant Santa Sack? Besides the fact it’ll be filled-to-bursting with more gifts, it’s a behemoth 85 x 55cm! Or you can go with tradition and pop in one of our Personalised Christmas Stockings, available in a variety of styles from Rudolph, Christmas owls, penguins, and elves. But if you really want to surprise your tots with something extra special…our My Adventure Books are designed especially for your child as they’re written into their own heroic story!


Personalised Wooden Kids Christmas Eve Box




We’ve saved the best to last with this one. Our Personalised Christmas Box for Kids is uniquely designed just for your little one. Boasting a generously-sized star at the centre of this keepsake, you can watch in sheer amazement as your child receives an early present from Santa with their Name gorgeously featured on the front, just for them.




Pile up the presents and fill your Wooden Kids Christmas Eve Box with your Personalised Chocolate Bars featuring their name. Or if they just love to help mummy in the kitchen, our Mummy’s Little Helper Apron will get them suited and booted to bake some delicious gingerbread men! You can even ensure they’re productive during the festive holidays with our colourful selection of Personalised Stationary.


A Christmas Eve Box idea filled with presents will send your little ones soaring with excitement for the big day. Make it a Christmas Eve tradition to share with all the family every year, or fill it with your favourite Christmas photos and create a keepsake you can always add to.