Anti-Valentines: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, between friends and family, as well as couples. If you’re feeling slightly “anti-valentine” this year, or perhaps want to go against what’s considered the ‘norm’ for couples on the 14th, here are a list of 10 anti-Valentine’s Day recommendations to survive this ‘romantic holiday’ without the last resort of going into hiding.


Prosecco Party



Instead of a Valentine’s party, a prosecco party is a fun night in with friends without all the ‘lovey-dovey’ precepts. The consumption of prosecco results in instant happiness. What more could you want between friends on this foreboding holiday?

A bit of Personalised Prosecco, a Prosecco Candle and a Prosecco Made Me Do It!’ teaspoon to justify your actions the morning after. 


Beer Party 



Beer parties are a jazzed-up evening of spending time with your bros. Pick a friend’s house or basement, hang a Man Cave Sign for privacy and pop the cap on some Personalised Beer.

You don’t even need to dress up because your friends appreciate you for who you are. Get the beer-cooked chicken wings frying and indulge in a marathon of swapping between Netflix, COD, and FIFA.


Light It Up



How about a spring-clean of old exes this V-day? It’s easy to digitally erase your ex, but what about those old photo frames in your bedroom and greeting you in the hallway when you arrive home from work? Take inspiration from the three ‘Friends’, and the ultimate #friendshipgoals, Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica, and burn them!

It’s out with the old and in with the new, where you don’t have to bother with pictures anymore. Just add your name to a Tiles Word Frame and you’ll realise you are the only person that matters.


Adopt a Meerkat




Who needs love from another human when you’ve got the love of a little ball of fluff from the animal kingdom. We can’t help but mimic the slogan when we hear the words ‘compare’.

Save money on flowers and chocolate and invest in a little furry friend this Valentine’s Day, where you’ll receive constant updates to find out how your little Sergei or Oleg is living it up in the care of the Meerkat Magic.


Ladybird Book of Dating



For men and women who have ever been wronged by Cupid – you’re not alone. It takes two to tango in any relationship. Have your fave tipple at the ready, sit back and relax with this Ladybird Book.

This nostalgic gem has 25 pages of enlightenment on the pros and cons of dating in the 21st century. You will cringe. But you will laugh and it’s perfect to celebrate this anti-Valentines.


Chocolate Therapy 



None of this wild Victoria Secret dieting or ‘Lean in 15’ nonsense. Anti-Valentine’s Day means you do not have to ‘be good’. Lovers may exchange Chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but you can seriously enjoy chocolate goodness with friends and family.

Indulge in chocolate for the day with a Chocolatier who shows you all the heavenly creations you can possibly make with chocolate (you get to take every chocolate creation home afterwards too...).  


The Cave of Wonders



Are you full-on refusing to celebrate a ‘romantic’ V-Day? Want to step out of your comfort zone too?

What better place for no one to hear you scream than an underground cave? Walking on nets, climbing through tunnels above a 176-year-old cavern of blackness illuminated by ethereal lights – could you get anymore anti-Valentine than this?





A watery sphere to roll, bounce and fly through the air with your partner, friend or even an adrenaline-junky parent.

Zorbing is the ultimate wet ‘n’ wild experience and a fun alternative to going to the cinemas for Valentine’s Day. You and your chosen ‘Valentine’ can enjoy the sunset and undulating green hills, whilst being suspended in mid-air…


A Night with the Living Dead


For the Walking Dead fans, what could be more anti-Valentine than running from the dead? As a warning, this isn’t for the fainthearted and everyone remains in character until you escape.

Forget the pulse-racing moment of seeing a blind date. Running from zombies with your Valentine will be a surge of adrenaline like you’ve never felt before. 


Escape to Middle Earth



The closest you will ever come to experiencing The Shire, a hobbit hut allows you to camp and glamp with ye old Tolkienesque flare.

There’s a fire-pit to warm a hot-toddy before bed and a complete camping pack with your own shower and toilet.

Treat a single friend or family member to explore the great outdoors and create your own fellowship.