What a way to Spend Valentine’s Day


After our sudden flare-up of feeling slightly Anti-Valentines last week, we’re back in the swing of love and currently pondering ideas to keep your sweetheart sweet this Valentine’s Day. We’ve pulled together romantic wake-up ideas and evening experiences, to make this Valentine’s Day unique to you.


Wake-up Ideas



Front Room Picnic



Since the weather is currently hitting sub-zero temperatures, and no one wants to be outside in it, why not take the picnic indoors for Valentine’s Day? Make homemade sweet treats, savoury party bits and make sure to include your partner’s favourite food for extra brownie points.

Alternatively, order a takeaway from your favourite place to eat. Make it even more romantic by dining in front of a cosy fireplace with blankets spread across the floor, candles and incense floating sweet aromas around the room and finally, have Miles Davis playing in the background whilst you tuck in. 


Care Package


As Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, most of us will be celebrating the weekend before or after. To give a small token of love on the day itself, send your sweetheart a care package. 

Fill it with their favourite sweets, a teddy bear for their desk, an office plant, muffins, chocolate – absolutely anything to put a smile on their faces while at work.


Start the Day with a Hearty Breakfast



If you have the luxury of working from home, or if you’ve decided to take a day’s holiday, breakfast in bed is an absolute must! How often do you and your partner get to chow down on some tasty grub together other than dinner during the week? Homemade breakfast and cute cutlery make all the difference. We all know how to throw together a classic English Breakfast, so here’s some inspiration for other yummy breakfast ideas:




  • Pop Tarts by the Pioneer Woman to take you back to childhood



  • Granola at home – it’s vegan-friendly, too!



V-Day Scavenger Hunt



Remember when you were a child and searched for the eggs the Easter Bunny left you? This is so much better! If you have excellent origami skills, this will come in handy, if not, post-its work just as well. Leave romantic notes about what you have planned around the house or, if you’re going out, make a trail from one location to another with cute gifts along the way. 

Leave some chocolate with a clue on it or a hanging origami heart with instructions to the next point. If you’re leaving clues at different venues, make sure the venue has someone to guard and guide your love to the next clue. It’s an inexpensive and accelerating adventure.


Woo Their Heart with Words



However corny or old-fashioned this may seem, simply putting how you feel into words is a gift you can’t buy. Write your own personalised love poem, and be as silly or hopelessly romantic as you want! If you’re really struggling to find the right words, let the lyrical love letters of other writers say it for you, from the romantic suggestions below:







Evening Ideas 



Dress-Up Like a Film Star



This isn’t as weird as it sounds. For an evening of fun and insatiable laughter, recreate history’s most iconic on-screen romances. Slide into the bedroom wearing a white shirt, a pair of black sunglasses (and boxers) just like Joel Goodson from Risky Business, or grab a ghetto blaster and a trench coat, and sweep her off her feet like Lloyd Dobler.

Since most on-screen lovers are ordinary people, you’ll already have all the get up in your wardrobe – unless of course you go for Marie Antoinette and you’ll have to pay incredible amounts for a wig. Dressing-up is an excuse to take a few V-Day selfies too!


A Jar for You and a Jar for Me



If you and your darling plan ahead, this one’s for you. Do you have a favourite restaurant? Favourite place to run or walk together? A bakery that sells cakes you couldn’t live without? A favourite bar or city? Write them down on paper, fold them up and begin a date night jar

They’re perfect for reigniting spontaneity in any relationship. Likewise, if you’re trying to save, you could fill it with recipes to cook on special nights or have a jar for you and your partner, filled with loving messages to cheer you both up when you’ve had stressful days at work.


Pop-Up Cinema


Jim Kelly, Cinema Tent At Bonnaroo, taken on June 12, 2008


If the thought of a heaving cinemas queue, coughing and steep prices puts you off cinemas, here is a cheap and cheerful alternative. Grab a projector, some mouth-watering treats and spend the evening indulging in a movie marathon. T.V series work just as well too. 

Some call it ‘Netflix and Chill’, others ‘Amazon Prime and Chill’, even ‘IPlayer and Chill’, whatever your preference, turn your front room into the ultimate cinematic experience.


Il Dolce Far Niente



As Elizabeth Gilbert comes to understand in Eat, Pray, Love, ‘Il dolce far niente’ means ‘sweet idleness’, something we Brits don’t do well. Don’t feel guilty about not going out for Valentine’s Day. Instead, grab a bottle of wine or a pack of beer and spend the evening with each other doing nothing. 

How is this different from spending every other night together? Turn off your phones and Ipads, let nothing else come between you and simply spend time in one another’s company – you’ll be undisturbed and sweetly surprised at the reward of relaxing.