Mother’s Day Brunch: Chowing Down in Percy & Founders

Spring brings with it two occasions to celebrate; the Easter Bunny and Mothering Sunday. The idea of a ‘mum’ is a highly-underrated concept. Simply read the first page of the Ladybird Mum Book to know being a mum, never ends.

Mums have a knack of knowing everything, she is a human calendar and she even supported your multitude of ‘phases’ which you have to look back on and cringe to this day: the ‘post-adolescent-idealistic phase’, your ‘emotional’ phase, and exhausting, ‘tempestuous teen’ phase.

Mum is a shoulder to cry on, a constant source of nutrition, forbearing shadow of conscience even when you don’t want it. We learn the best of morals from mum. Mothers-to-be and babes who are but a grain of sand in the warmth of mummy’s tummy – you have all this to come. So, we celebrate Mother’s Day to remind ourselves of her unconditional love and stability.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I Just Love It and our sister site, Historic Newspapers, ventured to Percy & Founders to have brunch with the women who specialise in fulltime mum mode, baby management and ‘teen angst’, for an all you can eat brunch!

A Break Down of the Day

You know what they say, early birds…catch a caffeinated buzz! Hello Percy & Founders. A restaurant specialising in British and European dishes with a dining area and more secluded reading room. As an extra bit of trivia, the eatery is also the home of the previous hospital’s original Fitzrovia Chapel. Incandescently preserved and seen through a stone archway, the chapel is a grade II listed building, viewed in all its original beauty, protected behind a glass wall. 

Amongst modern furnishings, with an earthy colour palette and elegant table settings, is where we treated our bloggers to a Personalised Mother’s Day Brunch! 

The kind and committed staff of Percy & Founders made the private dining room a homely atmosphere. Warm tones and autumn-coloured tables complemented the surroundings. We set the table and placed the personalised goodies on each place setting to welcome the bloggers to their Mother’s Day brunch.

A front view of the personalised place settings and personalised keepsakes.

Bottles of chilled water to keep our bloggers refreshed. Coffee and tea were made to order. Earl Grey was a favourite amongst a few of our guests, whilst some mums were trying coffee for the first time (we don’t know how they lasted without!!) 

Sitting down to a magnitude of flavourful food, our bloggers enjoyed revolutionised breakfast treats including platters of fresh fruit, bowls of Greek yoghurt, mounds of granola, a selection of golden pastries, ham and cheese muffins and avocado toast!

Generous mugs of earl grey upon arrival and just look at the mounds of avocado on toast on wooden platters!

A gorgeous place setting! On the left is one of our porcelain personalised plates featuring a bloggers initials, and on top are one-of-a-kind vintage cutlery, personalised with the blogger's name and a dashing slogan. They were so charming!

Surrounded by warm light, the buttery smell of pastries and slow roasted coffee, our bloggers engaged in conversation. Their little ones made an appearance too…

We didn’t want to say goodbye! We were absolutely delighted to bring our mum bloggers together. It was a pleasure for us to meet and engage in wonderful conversation at a gorgeous location in London, and of course, indulging in lip-smacking breakfast food!

Thank You to our Bloggers

Jade Ring

Alexia Athanasoulas

Hannah Clarke

Lucie Adela

Amy Cooper

Tine Farstad

Elfa Wilmot

Jade McDonald

Leslie Rickerby

Sarah Knott

Elizabeth Callaghan

Amy Green

Joy Ejaria

Personalised Goody Bags

We couldn’t let our mums leave without a few more goodies from I Just Love It and Historic Newspapers. To show their love and dedication as mums don't go unnoticed, we sent out bloggers home with personalised goody bags. Below, you’ll find all the goodies…

From I Just Love It

 The Mum: A Ladybird Personalised BookEngraved Mum Hi Ball Glass, Personalised Shimmer Silver Bracelet, Personalised Silver Plated Vintage Dessert SpoonPersonalised Statement Egg Cup, Spread Love Butter Knife

From Historic Newspapers

Personalised Haynes Explains Babies Manual,  Original Birthday Newspaper