Living the Dream; Lessons from Hollywood's Sweetheart, Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe screams Old Hollywood. Emanating a radiant presence on and off screen, she is a household name known all over the world. Her demure, flirtatious manner cast a spell upon all who came into contact. Who could blame them?



Strutting her perfectly-winged eye, iconic red lip, platinum curls, and vivacious figure - with a beautiful mind to match, Marilyn was America’s sweetheart. But Marilyn Monroe was clearly one tough chic, with an air of modest humility captured in her wisdom. Here are a few of our favourite lessons from the golden girl herself, why don’t you have a read through and see how many translate to your life?


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Life Advice from Marilyn Monroe



On Change



On Mistakes



On Character



On Love



On Critics



On Heartbreak



On Life