Mother’s Day: Mum’s Lessons that Shaped our Childhood

We’ve all been there. We all know first-hand, eating crusts does NOT make your hair curly. Forcing down carrots won’t give you superpowers to see in the dark. And scientists have proved sitting close to the T.V does NOT make you go blind. 



Have you ever been told, ‘Your face is going to freeze like that.’? Or the infamous, ‘Because I said so. That’s why.’ or, ‘Just wait till your father comes home!’, like dad was the scary one? Everything was unfair as a kid. Older siblings were the practice child who got the brunt of being told off, whilst younger siblings got away with murder (if you were the youngest, feel honoured - your parents finally made the perfect child and stopped at you.). And if you were the middle child, you either floated on by in your mum’s good books or you set the standard for breaking every rule mum put in place.

As we finally grow up, we realise all those rules, the lectures and scoldings are little nuggets of wisdom we learn in childhood from mum. When you finally become a mum yourself, you learn she’s only ever had your best interests at heart. It’s a truth universally acknowledged, “mother knows best.”. We’re sharing the advice and teachings our own mothers taught us as kids, and will most likely pass on to our own children one day. We guarantee a few will certainly sound familiar…


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“Don’t bite your nails or your hands will fall off”

“Keep cracking your knuckles and YOU will get arthritis.”


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“You cannot go swimming for 30 minutes after eating, or you will sink and drown. Do you want that?”


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 “I could fill my plate with what I wanted whenever it was food time, as long as I ate it. If I didn’t, I got a right scolding! …Taught me portion control from a young age though.”

“My mum told me a story once where she ran out of loo roll and then got food poisoning. Now we always have a 12 pack ‘back-up’ (excuse the pun) of toilet roll in the house, ALWAYS. Just in case.”


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“Don’t sit too close to the T.V, your eyes will turn square!”

 “If you get a pimple on the end of your tongue, you’ve been telling too many lies and vice versa.”


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Dr Seuss, Taken on March 23, 2010, by marshillonline


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[On My Neighbour Totoro] “she also said Totoro was a demon too…”


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“If you swallow the pips from an apple or an orange, you’ll have a tree going out of your stomach.”


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