Make This Valentine’s Day Personalised


Valentine’s Day just isn’t what it used to be. Truthfully, it’s designed to make couples spend unfathomable amounts of money to prove how much they love each other for just one day of the year. Obviously, we should be showing our love for our partners daily (not because of the mass-consumerist holiday).

Nevertheless, it’s a day dedicated to love. If you feel like taking part in Valentine’s Day this year, do so with thoughtful gestures; the romantic kind, without the hefty price tag. Since love is contagious, I Just Love It feel compelled to give you mini Cupids a few Valentine’s suggestions. Plus, they’re all under £30. Not only are you not breaking the bank, you’ll be browsing gifts that are out of the ordinary, lovingly-cheap, and personalised.


Lovers Name a Star Gift (£29.99)



This gift is truly out of this world. You can name two stars after you and your partner and have the act officially recorded by the Intergalactic Star Database. Your stars will be given unique reference numbers which can be located using the star chart poster included in the pack.

At just £29.99, your Valentine will receive a gift pack filled with an official framed certificate immortalising your love; two star area co-ordinate sheets; actual facts on your stars position and heart chocolates (that’s the sweet gift sorted for you too).

Every star has its own unique history, but you’ll be immortalising yours and your lovers to infinity and beyond. Think of it like this: if ever you’re apart, no matter where you are in the world, you’ll both be looking at the same sky. Now that’s romantic.


Where We First Met Romantic Jigsaw (£29.99)



It’s quite a challenge to remember the exact date you and your significant other fell in love. But lovers can always remember where it happened. Individually cut by hand, this romantic jigsaw puzzle combines romance with nostalgia, simply designed using any address.

Made of premium millboard, the address is transformed into a map-themed jigsaw with your postcode as the heart centrepiece. There’s even four unique map styles to choose from and charming puzzle pieces that spell the words “I love you”.

Enjoy a Valentine’s night in, reminiscing, as you piece together the memories of where you first met.


Personalised MAN CAVE Wooden Sign (£14.99)



Here’s a gift to show you respect your man’s privacy. Whether it's his garage, office, bedroom or shed, you can bet they’ll appreciate this personalised gesture. Hand-crafted from quality pine wood, the sign is ready to hang from the thick knotted cord and personalised with any name.

You can even add a message which will appear underneath the phrase ‘man cave’. How about ‘Because I love you’, or ‘I will never clean this space’? It’s ideal for men who need ‘man time’.


Romeo & Juliet - Personalised Novel (From £12.99)



No one does romance quite like Shakespeare. If you or your partner has ever fancied themselves as smooth as Romeo or as angelic as Juliet, you can now star as the star-crossed lovers of this book. Replace the names of the main characters and give this classic a whole new meaning.

The book is designed to replicate that of a first-edition novel too, adding extra sentiments to the gift. You can even opt for a luxury gift box too. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day.


Name a Rose Gift (£19.99)



“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” We’re not sure why roses are the only flower on the market during Valentine’s Day, but either way, they’re rather romantic.

This unique gift pack allows you to name rose seeds after your Valentine. Along with a calendar poster to chart the growth of the seeds, the recipient will also receive their own grow and care booklet.

The seeds are issued by the Amore Rose Registry to make sure the seeds are officially named and your SO watch their seeds bloom and flourish like your love.


Personalised His and Hers Egg Cups (£10.99)



The art of cooking the perfect boiled egg is a talent only a few have mastered. If you’re lucky, you’ve probably found someone who can do it for you. Available in two quirky designs, these ceramic egg cups will brighten your valentine’s mornings (they come in a set too, so you’re not left out)!

With any names printed on the egg cups, the only lovers’ quarrel you’ll have is who’s going to be kicked out of bed to make the breakfast…


Personalised Beard Grooming Kit (£24.99)           



Beards have bloomed over the last year. You can now get beard glitter to glam-up your fur or hang baubles from a clump of curls if you’re feeling festive. On the other hand, you can take care of your beard the old-fashioned way with the personalised beard grooming kit.

Boasting three lightly fragranced products, the kit features a bottle of the finest beard shampoo; a 2-in-1 tub of conditioner and face moisturiser; as well as a bottle of non-greasy beard oil. The bundle of epic grooming gifts arrive in a canvas bag personalised with any name and best of all, the products are all vegan!