5 Great Graduation Day Gift Ideas

Looking for graduation gifts? We’ve picked our top 5. They’re unique, inventive and chosen because they’re not what you think. Champagne and jewellery is all well and good, but we’ve put some thought into these graduation gifts. We’ve considered the parent as well as the child, selecting gifts that are meaningful, charming and most of all, useful now that they’ve graduated.



The D.I.Y Hanging Planter Kit (£21.99) 

So, they managed to keep themselves alive at uni? That’s nothing compared to trying to keep a plant alive. Here’s the next step on the road to becoming a fully-fledged adult. They can grow, nurture and attempt to help their very own plant alive. This will ready the graduate to someday entertain the idea of rearing children (maybe a goldfish for starters).



The QuadraPan Professional (£44.99)

What? You really think their parents are going to cook for them for the rest of their lives? Mum’s cooking is a luxury (just like finding actual biscuits in nan’s biscuit tin and not sewing equipment). But, mastering a multi-meal is an art. They’ve had plenty of practice at university anyway. Now it’s time they feast for themselves with the multi-pan.



Cadbury Chocolate Bouquet (£13.95)

Luxury. Decadence. Indulgence. Sheer opulence… Instead of your ordinary graduation flowers, how about a bouquet of chocolate? Every piece of loose change found after a blurred night of socials and society initiations was most likely spent on pizza and takeaways. And as Freddo bars are no longer the 10p they were in the ‘90s, they’ll savour every last bite.



Well Done Graduation Glass Block (£14.99)

If you want to keep things traditional with masters degree gifts, a graduation block is simple and thoughtful. It’s multifunctional too. Personalised with the individual’s name and graduation date, the graduation block is a reminder of their best school years. Likewise, it’s a very handy paperweight for the files in their new office job.

Personalised Bucket List Map (£69.99)

If you’re a parent, you’re considering this gift for one of two reasons. The first: you’ve missed your child so much that now they have returned, you can travel the world together and catch up on the three/ four years of child/ parent bonding. Or, the second: you can’t bear the thought of your child living with you until they’re 40 so you’re fueling their dreams to travel the world. We’re just kidding. Bucket list maps are perfect PhD graduation gifts because your child is probably dreaming of even more places they can travel and study!