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Mother’s Day Brunch: Chowing Down in Percy & Founders

Spring brings with it two occasions to celebrate; the Easter Bunny and Mothering Sunday. The idea of a ‘mum’ is a highly-underrated concept. Simply read the first page of the Ladybird Mum Book to know being a mum, never ends.

Mums have a knack of knowing everything, she is a human calendar and she even supported your multitude of ‘phases’ which you have to look back on and cringe to this day: the ‘post-adolescent-idealistic phase’, your ‘emotional’ phase, and exhausting, ‘tempestuous teen’ phase.

Mum is a shoulder to cry on, a constant source of nutrition, forbearing shadow of conscience even when you don’t want it. We learn the best of morals from mum. Mothers-to-be and babes who are but a grain of sand in the warmth of mummy’s tummy – you have all this to come. So, we celebrate Mother’s Day to remind ourselves of her unconditional love and stability.


Our #IJLPizza Lifestyle Blogger Event

Photos Credits: Luke Carey Photographer

Due to the success of our first blogger event in October last year, we decided to host another! Last year, we had mummy bloggers, pastries, teas, coffees, cupcakes and a whole lot of sprinkles. 

This time around, we had lifestyle bloggers, prosecco, soft drinks, freshly made Focaccia, homemade pizza with more fresh toppings than we can justify thinking about again (it’s lunchtime) and a new romance – but more on that later.


The team from I Just Love It (IJLI) and a group of lifestyle bloggers, including Copper Garden, Sweet Monday, Blonde Vision, Boo and Maddie, Just Nice Things, Loved By Laura, Do Not Refreeze, Britton Loves, Love Audrey, Tink Jayne, Ess Bee Vee, Popcorn and Glitter, Lucie Loves It, Dream In Pink, Loula Beth, Emma Louise Layla, Floral Etiquette, Two Different Worlds and Pretty and Polished.


The IJLI Cupcakes Parenting Event

This week, Tuesday to be precise, I Just Love It held its first ever blogger event. The day consisted of ooh-ing and ahh-ing at products, catching up with familiar faces and, best of all, getting our hands dirty with icing, sprinkles, cupcakes and more.


The team from I Just Love It and a group of mummy/parenting bloggers, including Emmys Mummy, Mama Geek, What Katy Said, You Baby Me Mummy, Belle Du Brighton, Mummy Endeavours, Over 40 And A Mum To One, Watching You Grow and Jacintaz3.