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In the Book Launch Post

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website In the Book featuring a range of personalised books for children and adults. At In the Book, we’re passionate about educating people about the importance of reading, and encouraging children to love reading from as early on in life as possible.

At In the Book, our motto “adventure on every page” reflects our innovative publishing venture into personalised books, where your little one can become a part of the stories they love, fighting villains alongside the heroes they admire.


What's New This Month

Yippee! Spring has finally sprung. The clocks have been wound forward (even if the weather isn’t exactly amazing) and all the guys ‘n’ gals here at I Just Love It can’t wait for the longer, warmer days to swing by.

April is a lovely time of year, the first full month of spring where the daffodils and bluebells come into bud, where the evenings get lighter and the days get warmer.

To celebrate the new month, we’ve bolstered our What’s New section with some right little showstoppers, from stylish vintage cutlery through to the brand new Queen Elizabeth Jigsaw Puzzle and ever-popular Star Wars Placemats. Our hot-off-the-press products are guaranteed to thrill and impress just about anyone.


The Ladybird Books' Little Known Secrets

What’s all the hype about?

The Wife:

“Wives like to be right. Sara has been waiting for her husband, Tom, to arrive. He is half an hour late. Sara is delighted. She knew this would happen.”



Ladybird Books, a vestige of precious childhood memories, quaint and quintessentially British family life, as well as discovery and learning, have made a welcome return but not as we once knew them.


Written in a distinctly tongue in cheek tone, expect to stifle your giggles if you happen to pick one up in public, as these books may exaggerate the perplexities of adult life, but they also provide an uncannily accurate view.