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What a way to Spend Valentine’s Day


After our sudden flare-up of feeling slightly Anti-Valentines last week, we’re back in the swing of love and currently pondering ideas to keep your sweetheart sweet this Valentine’s Day. We’ve pulled together romantic wake-up ideas and evening experiences, to make this Valentine’s Day unique to you.


Wake-up Ideas



Front Room Picnic



Since the weather is currently hitting sub-zero temperatures, and no one wants to be outside in it, why not take the picnic indoors for Valentine’s Day? Make homemade sweet treats, savoury party bits and make sure to include your partner’s favourite food for extra brownie points.


Anti-Valentines: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, between friends and family, as well as couples. If you’re feeling slightly “anti-valentine” this year, or perhaps want to go against what’s considered the ‘norm’ for couples on the 14th, here are a list of 10 anti-Valentine’s Day recommendations to survive this ‘romantic holiday’ without the last resort of going into hiding.


Prosecco Party



Instead of a Valentine’s party, a prosecco party is a fun night in with friends without all the ‘lovey-dovey’ precepts. The consumption of prosecco results in instant happiness. What more could you want between friends on this foreboding holiday?


10 Fun Valentine's Day Facts

It might seem like a holiday dedicated to commercialism and over-consumption of chocolate hearts, but there’s a whole host of fascinating facts about the holiday that few folks know...Here are a few of our favourite cupid-inspired titbits, specially selected by everyone here at I Just Love It towers... Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fact 1

Valentine’s Day was first celebrated during the Roman times in the middle of February. It was a holiday called Lupercalia to commemorate fertility. A “love lottery” was held whereby young men drew young women’s names from a box to commemorate their rite of passage to the god Lupercus. The chooser and chosen would then be paired for one year. These random pairings often led to marriage.


Valentine’s Day Photo Competition

The day of love rolls around in a few weeks. Romance – for most of us – is what springs to mind when we think of the ‘L’ word, the kind of love we reserve for our sweetheart. On the other hand, we know there are many different types of love – love for family, friends and even love for a pet. Everyone needs a bit of love in their lives and with Valentine’s Day looming, what better time to reflect on how lucky we are?

So, you lovey-dovey people, if you’re up for winning some fab prizes, all in the name of Valentine’s Day, we’d like to invite you to send in your favourite pictures of who you love, whether it’s your partner, sister, brother, pet, grandma, mum, dad, grandfather, a beloved item, a place you love to visit or even your favourite food... it’s really up to you.


How to Buy a Gift for a New Girlfriend

You’re confronted with a quandary: Is it too soon to buy her a gift, or is it a wonderful opportunity to show her just how perrrrrrfect you are for each other? Buying gifts for her is never a walk in the park, but seeking the perfect girlfriend gift is a whole other level of problematic.

Here’s our guide on getting it right.

Pleeeeease walk away from cookbooks, facial hair removers, bikini wax kits, and worst of all, the toiletry ‘gift sets’ from your local pharmacy. It shouts ‘I chose this at the last minute’ and worse, you’re implying she needs to become all housewifely and bake in the kitchen, that she’s too hairy and ape-like, and that she smells funny. If you can’t be arsed to wander around a lingerie department, or your heart sinks at the thought of traipsing around jam-packed shops, why not buy your girlfriend’s dream gift online – right here?