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Special occasions like a child's Christening are ones that can't be overlooked. You want to do everything you can to remember a special day like this and that’s why we've gathered the perfect assortment of fun, interesting, and unique Christening gifts that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Just think, with the right gift, you're playing a part in the child's life by letting them know you were there on their special day, and a personalised keepsake is an immeasurable way to make an impression.

Ideas for Personalised Christening Gifts from Godparents

Kids are so lovable that you can’t help but pinch those cheeks. Remember them clearly with a personalised cube oak photo keepsake, perfectly adorned with their photo from this special day. There's even a spacious interior to hold keepsakes from those early precious moments, such as the bracelet from the hospital and their first lock of hair.

Some kids may grow up to be more rough-and-tumble children, but their tender moments deserve to be commemorated. Choose a fun gift such as a personalised Thomas the Tank Engine First Edition Book or mark the occasion more formally with a personalised Bible – Catholic Edition or King James edition.

When choosing Christening gifts from godparents, don’t overthink it. Instead, no matter what tole you play in the little one's life, choose any one of these fantastic gifts to help the child remember this day when they come of age. He or she may be a bit too young to appreciate it now, but as they grow, they’ll treasure a token that shows you’ve loved them all of their lives. At I Just Love It, there’s plenty to choose from.