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At I Just Love It, we enjoy celebrating love and all that it brings to our lives. Finding a special engagement gift for someone in your life isn’t always easy, especially when you want it to be something perfectly suited to the happy couple. Make your gift fun or playful, and choose something that will bring a smile to their faces. We’ve pulled together some of the best engagement gifts out there to help make your task a bit easier and we have everything from personalised gifts to personalised poetry!

What Brings Them Together

You’ll love the smile on the couple’s faces when they see you’ve thought of the little things. Perhaps they met while travelling or maybe they initially lived far from each other and are coming together in a special place. Their wedding venue or the place of their first date are our favourites! The bespoke personalised Single Heart Map Frame is a fantastic way to mark the importance of a special place in their hearts. Alternatively, choose a print which makes it a bit more heart-melting with the personalised Couple My Heart Print, a jigsaw that combines to spell out what they mean to each other.

Playfully Charming Gifts

Give the engaged couple something for their soon-to-be-shared home, but keep it lighthearted. Perhaps they have a special interest that can make purchasing engagement presents easier. For example, for any word game-loving couple, the personalised Love Tiles Poster is a fantastic piece for their wall. For outdoor lovers, choose the Rustic Carved Wooden Heart Dish. Adorned with a special message of their love, they’ll think of you each time they drop their keys into it.

Engagement Gift Ideas No One Else Will Give

Being unique is important, especially when you want the couple to really remember you. Think out-of-the-box with these engagement present ideas. A personalised Rustic Slate Cheese Board may seem understated, but they will love it as they prep meals together in their new shared home. It's perfect for serving food or preparing food together!

For those who want a bit of drink before heading into this new chapter, a few options come to mind. For the soon to be groom, the Engraved 3oz Hip Flask is perfectly appropriate here, or go with the personalised Prosecco Bottle with Photo Label for the time when they want a little drink perhaps on the morning of the big day.

Here’s one thing that’s for sure – the perfect engagement present is one given to celebrate true love from others who love the couple. At I Just Love It, we’ve got gifts that are perfectly suited for just about any couple.