Flower Gifts Delivered with a Personalised Greeting

Giving fresh flower bouquets is a great thing to do. We give them as a gesture of love, remembrance, remorse, or just because.

The good news is I Just Love It offer ‘Next Day’ flower bouquet delivery at terrific prices. Fresh cut flowers delivered to their door are beautiful gifts for any occasion and convey a range of sentiments such as love, gratitude and friendship. 

We have an array of fresh flowers arrangements that all include a carefully considered combination of fresh, long-lasting blooms and colours – including Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Roses, Germini and more – skilfully arranged by a professional florist.

But did you know flowers as a form of gift has a long, interesting history? Sure, we’ve all given a fresh flower bouquet to a friend, family member or lover, or perhaps organised a hush-hush birthday flowers delivery for a loved one, but how many of us have stopped to ask: “Why do we give them?”

Unsurprisingly, the custom traces back to prehistoric times when flowers often had healing and herbal properties for our ancestors. Giving fresh cut flowers was a charitable thing to do, something that continues today. 

What’s more, there is evidence of flower-giving dating back to Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese writings, not to mention Greek and Roman mythology. 

More recently, fresh flower arrangements bloomed (please excuse the pun!) in the Middle Ages. At this time, the church didn’t approve of couples showing their affection for one another publically. 

So, giving flowers enabled them to convey their emotions without the worry that someone would see and report them. Couples then took to communicating with each other by means of blooms to send their messages of love. 

The flower tradition was taken to new heights, courtesy of Charles II of Sweden. In the 1700s, he introduced the Language of Flowers, which was a Persian custom. The Language of Flowers was used considerably in Turkey for the sending of messages. The ritual became so sophisticated that military messages were sent as flower bouquets delivered to the enemy, whom believed the blooms to be simply blooms and not a message. 

Furthermore, books were written on what different flowers said in the Victorian era, together with advice on how to arrange them to create a message between you and the receiver. 

The flower phenomenon has changed a little since then. Granted, we might not send literal messages in flowers, but a rose on Valentine’s Day says more than words ever could.

Fresh Flowers for Delivery

I Just Love It bring you and your loved ones fragrant fresh flowers delivered to their door in colour-themed arrangements, such as our classically elegant Vibrant Bouquet, sweetly-scented Joyful Bouquet or wonderfully sumptuous Red Rose Bouquet... the ideal posies for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or indeed any other special occasion. 

Being able to express yourself is oh-so important. So why not get your message across with the pure elegance and magic of flowers, the timelessly delightful jewel?  

Whether you’re giving flowers to denote friendship, love or for a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary, I Just Love It supply a stunning selection of fresh flowers for delivery, made up of velvety red roses, glamorous carnations, luxurious lilies and more. 

Each bouquet is perfect for every special occasion; buy Mothers Day flowers, new baby flowers, next day flower deliveries for birthdays, weddings, Father’s Day, to name but a few, which contain a combination of exquisite blooms and colours guaranteed to take their breath away!

As a finishing touch, you can include a personalised card with your fresh flower delivery for no additional cost. Our collection of the finest blooms will create a hand-tied bouquet that’s sure to create a big impression on whomever they’re given to. A blissful surprise for someone special!