We've found 138 gift ideas

She runs around for you twenty-four seven and looks after you, year after year. So when it comes to gift giving, why not break new ground... blaze a trail? If you’re trying to wrack every brain cell to think of gifts for mum, fear not. I Just Love It stuffed silly with suggestions that might just fit the bill…

Yes, yes. Flowers might sound samey, but they’re a sure-fire way to show your dear ‘ole ma you care – gift ideas mums the world over would appreciate. To add a special, personal touch, simply add her name and your own short message – or even print a poem – to the gift card.

Gifts ideas for mums needn’t cost an arm and a leg. A budget-wise choice would be our oh-so-scrummy personalised choccie bars. Unlike the perennial Mars or Snickers, you can customise ours with your mum’s name plus a thoughtful message.