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There’s much more to graduating than just getting an honours. After years of making new friends, the individual will say goodbye to some of the best years of their life. But it doesn’t mean they’ll ever forget the people and experiences that made the hard work all worthwhile. You can even make their memories last a lifetime with perfectly picked graduation gifts.

Maybe the individual you’re buying for has just left school or graduated from university, either way, there’s so many adventures ahead of them. That’s why graduation keepsakes are all the more meaningful; whatever you pick will symbolise one of their biggest achievements in their life.

Graduation Gifts for Her & Him

Whoever you’re buying for, all graduates can agree there’s something so satisfying about never having to reference again. As the perfect graduation present for her, how about a bottle of personalised champagne with the message “No more MLA or Harvard referencing”?

Or, if you’re going down the more sentimental route, our engraved graduation gifts for him and her are ideal to keep with them for the rest of their lives. Whatever you choose, from frames to graduation blocks, the individual will never forget this rewarding moment.