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Personalised Spoof Magazines

Create your own Personalised Magazine Cover

A personalised Spoof Magazine is an unusual, but fun, gift. You can personalise the front cover of one of our spoof magazines with the name of the recipient integrated into the magazine cover features. You can also upload their photo onto the cover design and set the cover month and year. This makes it a truly personalised magazine cover.

Spoof Magazine Cover themes

We have a wide selection of personalised magazines, designed to cover a wide range of interests. These include magazine covers on Fashion, Food, Gardening, Travel, and Interior Design.

We also have a selection of sport and activity related personalised magazines, which include Football, Rugby, Motor Racing, Fishing and Horse Riding.

We even have a Lads’ Mag!

All our spoof magazines are designed to look 'of the genre' of the magazine themes represented. We have tried to make them look as close to the glossy magazines you will find on the newsagents’ shelves, whilst clearly being spoof magazines.

Personalised Magazines – a great gift

Our fake magazine covers make a perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, or other special occasion. It enables you to turn the recipient's interest or hobby (be it Football or Gardeneing) into a personalised gift – one that is sure to be remembered for some time to come.

These personalised magazine gifts are available either as single magazine covers, or they can be framed. Frames are available in Traditional, Black or Silver styles.