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Newborn Baby Gifts

Newborn babies are, in fact, quite unusual creatures. Believe it or not, they can see objects 8 – 12 inches away, (the distance from breast or bottle, to mum’s or dad’s face). So smile often! Babies have a strong sense of smell too. By the time they’re one week old, they can recognise their mum by her smell.

Everyone knows newborn babies cry lots, but they don’t actually produce tears. Proper tears don’t actually appear until the babe is between three and twelve weeks old. And the average baby’s stomach is no larger than the size of their fist; this is why they need small feeds regularly.

So it would seem babies are indeed cleverer than they look, or should we say more ‘complex’ than you first thought. When it comes to new baby gifts and baby shower presents, many folks prefer to take a trip to the high street and pick up things like nappies, bottles, toys and so on. While these newborn gifts are extremely useful, it’d be a great idea to give a slightly more unusual new born baby gift this time round. Something they can treasure forever...

Your little bundle of joy has arrived and it’s time to push the boat out! The birth of your little papoose is a delightful time for any parent. You’re likely to be lavished with best wishes and new baby presents from loved ones embracing the news and congratulating you as parents. Show how much you adore your little angel with personalised baby gifts. Highly personal yet lowly priced, these presents will deliver a message of love and affection, and can be personalised with their name.

Personalised newspapers make funny new baby gifts – the birth of your newborn will feature in the headlines! A leatherette photo frame or tatty teddy message bear make lovely new baby girls gifts and new baby boy gifts. Years later, your child will be able to cuddle that teddy bear and look at that photo in the frame, and see their name displayed on it so they know it’s theirs. And theirs always.

These are just a few of the adorable newborn presents up for grabs, so get your hands on ‘em now!