Newspaper Gifts

Everyone likes to look back in time. It might be reminiscing about World War I, World War II, the first man on the moon, when Titanic sank or when Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. There are mountains of milestone moments in time, moments that strike a chord with many folks including grandparents, dads and more. This is something that might tickle your fancy, and your love of nostalgia – personalised newspaper gifts!

I Just Love It has put together a hoard of newspapers dating over the last one hundred years and has the greatest date coverage from our huge newspaper archive. If you’re seeking a novelty gift for the nostalgic person in your life, give them a blast from the past with an original, genuine newspaper from a date of your choice.

These original newspaper gifts ideas are made even more special because you can personalise them with ANY NAME, the occasion being celebrated, the date of the newspaper, together with a short message. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Your nostalgic friend or relative definitely won’t be disappointed.

Personalised newspaper gifts are perfect for the person who has everything, and would also be ideal for anniversaries, retirements, christenings, landmark birthdays like twenty-firsts, fortieths and so on. We have loads of these tremendously old and rare newspaper gifts up for grabs...

First up, we have Original Newspapers; these are genuine, original newspapers and not copies. Simply choose ANY DATE you like from the largest newspaper archive in the UK, and add ANY NAME to the personalised certificate.

Special Date Newspaper Books hold a complete recreation of Daily Mirror newspapers for your selected date and include a Year Edition, Anniversary Edition, This Is Your Life and Mirror Yearbook, all of which are reproduced and bound in an elegant leatherette cover.

What could be better than reading about what was happening in the world alongside your favourite tipple? Wine & Spirit Gift Sets, complete with a newspaper from the day of your choice, make a truly commemorative keepsake. Choose from a selection of wines and spirits, and see them displayed in a red silk-lined presentation case.

Historical Newspaper Books are great for anyone wanting to read about the life and times of the stars of the recent century, with titles ranging from the Royal Wedding and Prince William to Princess Diana and Michael Jackson. You can personalise with ANY NAME and PERSONAL MESSAGE, with the option to gold emboss the name on the front cover.

You could even choose to have a Front Page Reprint from ANY DATE, with the option to display it in a frame of your choice. For real historians wanting to gain a fantastic insight into the rich history of the nineteenth century, a Victorian Newspaper will hit the spot. You’ll immerse yourself in the news and scandals of this bygone era, as reported at the time. Select any year from 1830 – 1901, or even request a paper older than 1830!

We haven’t forgotten football fanatics. Back Page Reprints give you a rare opportunity to read top match reports from the last 100 years from your favourite club. We cater for all football fans. Choose from Aberdeen and Arsenal to Manchester United and Wolverhampton.

Love history? You’ll LOVE our range of personalised newspaper gifts.