Personalised Beer, Cider and Lager

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
- Benjamin Franklin

Summer’s day, cool beer/lager/cider, comfy chair... bliss. It doesn’t get much better than that, unless you had Jennifer Lopez or Brad Pitt indulging in a cold Carlsberg with you. Beer, lager and cider have played a great part in the history of mankind, whether taken as a beverage for leisure or a fuel for drunken madness . Almost all countries make these tipples in one way or another.

We’ve got some flippin’ fabulous beer, cider and personalised lager gifts up for grabs, but before we give you the lowdown, we thought we’d give you a bit of boozy blurb on these legendary tipples we’ve come to love so much today...

Beer, believe it or not, was the first alcoholic beverage known to man. It’s one of the oldest drinks on Earth, thought to date back to the 6th Century BC. It’s believed the Africans, Greeks, Egyptians, Hebrews and Chinese also made beer thousands of years ago. In fact, brewing happened accidentally. When wild barley was left soaking in water, it turned into mash, and then fermented. When it was diluted and filtered – BOOM – it created the nourishing bevvy we know and love today.

Aside from their woozy effects , beer, lager and cider had other uses. At times in the past, they were the only reliable source of disease-free hydration. Beer was even used as currency in ancient Egypt, and you could also get medical prescriptions for it! What’s more, if a man offered a woman a sip of his beer, they would be betrothed.

By the seventh century, beer-making moved from small, home breweries to central production facilities at European monasteries and convents, which ultimately kick-started production throughout Europe.

Now you’re a bit more clued-up about how these beautiful beverages came into being, we reckon you’ll find our superb personalised lager, cider and beer gift sets all the more appealing; they’re sure to score BIG with your pub-loving, beer-drinking pals, whether they’re a beer buff, lager lover or have a soft spot for cider. We have two gift packs available – branded and unbranded – each presented in a sumptuous silk-lined gift box.

Branded booze packs

First up, we present our branded personalised lager and beer gift packs, which include a bottle of your favourite tipple – London Pride or Budva – a deluxe cut crystal glass, which you can personalise with ANY NAME and PERSONAL MESSAGE, along with a beer towel.

Fed up of folks nicking your favourite pint glass? Now you can be sure no one will take it. Our canny personalised beer glasses and personalised lager glasses are beautifully engraved with your name to keep the glass-pinching crooks at bay!

So c’mon, what could be better than a bottle of their favourite tipple, accompanied by a specially created glass, emblazoned with their name, plus a beer towel? These personalised lager and beer gift sets are ideal for birthdays, Father’s Day and more.

Unbranded booze packs

Next up, we present our unbranded beer, lager and personalised cider gifts. Your pack includes a bottle of your favourite tipple, together with a specially created glass. But this time, you get to personalise our stylish bottle labels with ANY NAME and PERSONAL MESSAGE.

Beautifully presented and ready to impress, personalised beer, lager and cider gifts make the perfect pressie for Christmas, birthdays or indeed any other celebration. Simply select your booze pack, and personalise!