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There’s nothing quite like sitting down with a little one and getting lost in a story. Children absolutely love books because they get to use their imagination and spend quality time with their parents and the other important adults in their lives. Whether you have a child of your own or you’re looking for a present for your niece or nephew, they’ll have a blast with IJLI’s personalised books for children.

Well-written kids’ books allow children to use their imagination to explore a world they don’t yet fully understand. At an age when kids are often confined to their home or away at school, storybooks serve as a great source of both education and entertainment. Something magical happens with the turn of each page as children immerse themselves in the story, fully transforming simple words into lush, imaginary landscapes filled with their favourite characters.

No matter what they’re into, we have a personalised book for every child. From simple educational books for children that include fun learning activities like the children's personalised encyclopaedia, dinosaur book, and many other favourites, I Just Love It is your go-to destination for personalised children’s books.

As a kid, it was always exciting to see a character on television or meet another child who had the same name as you. Bring that fun to the next level by adding a personal touch to a children’s story. Every child will love hearing their name and imagining themselves in a faraway land, whether they embark on a great adventure through a Disney princess tale or simply take a storybook trip to the zoo.

If your child loves nursery rhymes, they’ll be absolutely enamoured with our personalised nursery rhyme books. Their name is featured on the front and back cover, but it’s also cleverly embedded in each of the illustrations accompanying the nursery rhymes.

It’s never too early to foster a love for reading. Turn a kid’s old book collection into a fresh, fun library of personalised adventures and children’s books, and watch them discover their favourite adventures all over again.